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Thursday, 30 October 2014

All you need is soup

Well here we go again, more soup, I bet you are getting sick of it. Never mind, only one more to go. Tonight I have chucked in a few vegetables. One medium size onion. A few sprouts. One and a half parsnips. The last few florets of the fancy cauliflower. And a few spinach leaves, not shown on the photo because I put them in at the end. Then I added a shake of black pepper, a shake of garlic powder, a shake of mixed spices, some Rustic Ratatouille mix, and a squirt of tomato ketchup. 
Again I zapped it with the blender and added some plain yogurt. I could have eaten it as a stew as it looked rather nice. I didn't take a photo, the finished soup was the same colour as last nights. Taste wise it was quite nice, perhaps a bit too much tomato sauce, but you know me, nothing gets thrown away here, everything is eaten.

Another little experiment with the blender. I've had these pineapple pieces in the cupboard for a while, bought them when they didn't have any peaches. Since then I have bought peaches and the pineapple has sort of been ignored, until today, so, I've whipped them up to make a fruit juice drink. Diluted with water to double the volume, and at 35p it's cheaper than buying a carton of juice.

Here is a little teaser, a snapshot of a small section of the new picture. I'm just in the process of sewing the leaves on. I want to get it ready for two weeks time.

Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip


  1. I'm with you that soup is always good. However find a bit of Vecon stock or (gulp, this is more commercial) Knorr stock things does add a bit of depth. Vecon (a vegetarian stock) specially comes in a Bovril-type jar so you can just add a little bit. Love your blog, used to comment as Littlegrebe but google chrome suddenly fell out with my computer, so anonymous now, or Barbara L. Keep up the good work and great photos!

  2. Get bored of soup....are you is the nectar of the God's. If I had to choose one meal to eat for eternity it would be soup and even remember days out to places on the basis of the soup I had! Tasty soup and crusty French bread. Ah you are making me hungry now.

  3. I like the look of the fruit juice.

  4. Never get sick of soup! Great idea for cheap smoothie.

  5. Making fruit juice that way is inspired :-)

  6. Soup is fabulous at this time of year, and you are definitely the queen of veggie soups. Have a fabulous weekend.

  7. I love roast tomatoo soup and tomatoes are full of lycopene.Just roast your tomatoes drızzled wıth olıve oıl ın the oven for an hour bung them ın a bıg pan add chıcken or,veg, stock,seasonıng then sımmer then blend.And ı also drınk ıt chılled lıke a smoothıe.

  8. I bought a huge bag of yellow sticker kale which was needing used up so I made a week's worth of soup using potato, kale, carrot, garlic, onion, sprouts and broccoli stalk, and whizzed it up with the stick blender. It was the nicest soup I've made yet but it's the first time I've used kale so it must have been that which added the flavour. Delicious! I've frozen the rest for lunches next week.


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