Thursday, 27 November 2014

A bit more research.

I'm shuffling backwards and forwards between the sewing machine and the computer here. Another rainy day but plenty to keep me occupied. Our cat rescue has a stall at the Barton Christmas Market on Saturday and I've got to go through my spare room and root out all the things I've been storing. Some donated, my own things, and stuff salvaged from skips, I want it gone. We will have a fully erected market stall to occupy, but exposed to the elements, so I will be taking extra sheeting and large metal clips to give us some protection from the cold. Must get that sorted out, the clips want their springs oiling as they are a bit stiff after being used in the garden all summer. The plastic sheeting is clean and folded in the outside shed. As soon as I have finished this post I must get on with it.

What did you think of the post yesterday, interesting wasn't it? Did you click on the links? I have been doing a bit more research as I find this a fascinating topic to talk about. My business head tells me I would go for this blogging for money lark, if I was twenty years younger. Done properly it could be a nice little earner. What I mean by doing it properly is stating the facts right from the start, being honest and upfront about it, and not trying to pull the wool over readers eyes by pretending to be their best friend. In a nutshell, I don't like bullshitting.

Another link for you to click on if you so wish. It's a BBC web site post in the business section.
How to make your fortune writing about stuff you love, by Lucy Hooker.

Here is a snippet from the article.

But while demand for bloggers is growing, it doesn't mean anyone can do it.
"You are going into a world where you are a public figure, where people are going to have negative comments.
And if you want to make the big time, you have to take it seriously.
"You have to run it as a business, 100%, not as a hobby," he says.
"If you approach it as a hobby and think you are going to get somewhere, that's just not the case."

There is a link in the article which takes you to a very successful blogging business. 
This blog has been 14 years in the making, so you can see that it is not going to happen overnight. It takes dedication and tenacity, to do what they have done. It's about a family of four with an adventurous spirit which takes them all over the world. Yes there are some adverts, but they are carefully chosen to match the theme of the blog. In fact I would go so far as to say the adverts enhance the look of the blog. 
The articles are well written, lighthearted and chatty, the layout is neat and tidy, and the whole page appears on the screen with no side scrolling. 
There is a link at the top of the page, 'Partnering', in here it sets out the nuts and bolts of how the site makes money for them. There is a three page media pack to download which is an introduction to Kirsty and Stuart, outlining their experience and skills.
I would say this site is a good example of how a business can be built out of a blog. Readers are in no doubt that this is a blog business. No guesswork, clear and concise, it says it like it is. With such clarity I can choose to read it or not read it. 
Anyway, must get on. thanks for dropping in, I promise to change the subject for tomorrow, so pop back again if you like. Toodle pip.  


  1. I'm with you, Ilona...maybe twenty years ago. I just want to enjoy my blogger friends and share some of my own thoughts and adventures, as well as to practice writing. My younger daughter has a friend who blogs for money, and she makes a good sum. She has twins and does reviews of all things children. And she is at least twenty years younger! Have a happy day.

  2. I find blogs that actually make money from blogging exceptionally dull and don't go near them. Blogs that are attached to businesses like crafting for instance, I find much more enjoyable. Even so there can be some obfuscating going on, so you are not sure what is what. Bloggers who make money from advertising and sponsorship alone, is very limited in terms of wanting to read the biased promotional and consumer driven material. Very few people blog effectively and have their own voice and are interesting so even though many are called, few are chosen. There are hundreds of blogs out there but there are only a handful that I always make a point of reading. There is another 'frugal' blogger for instance but I find their tone very rude - she would call it direct (you are direct, never rude), and she has a very large ego. I would go a long way to avoid reading that blog. You share your experience which I find interesting and helpful, but she 'gives advice' and is rather bossy. So all things are not equal. Many people imagine themselves to be writers, but few have the skill or the personality. If people just get paid for reviewing things, they tend to always be favourable reviews and where is the integrity or point in that?

    Anyway I hope you make lots of money for the kitties on Saturday, a lovely thing to do.

    1. A big difference between Ilona and the "other" frugal blogger is that Ilona often pokes fun at herself and has this wonderful quirky sense of humour that we enjoy so much.

  3. So pleased that you are raising money for the cats! It will be nice to have your extra space back too. I hope that people will be generous. JanF

  4. I'm with you 100% on this Ilona. I don't have an issue if people choose to make money from their blog then it's up to them but I inherently don't trust any product reviews that are done with a financial incentive. I personally don't want to compromise what I write about nor feel beholden to any other person or's my little bit of personal space to fill in whatever ramblings I feel like putting down!

  5. I agree too Ilona, I think people should do as they wish with their own blog but I feel for me it would be like putting adverts in my diary!

    1. That made me laugh, Twiggy. You've got me thinking now, I might make up some adverts just for a larf.

    2. I think you should, today Ilona is brought to you by.......... :)

  6. I don't trust bloggers who have been given free holidays/goods etc. Even though they say they are giving an unbiased review, they have been tainted by accepting in the first place. Natalie

  7. Best of luck with the fair..hope the sun shines and people want to empty their pockets.
    Jane x

  8. If I like it , I read it. It's up to an individual to make money as they want to. I blog and review and if I like what I review I say so, just as I'm honest if I dont. No one taints me. I have children to provide for and if Butlins want me to review then I will say it's a so sponsored post, I enjoyed it and said so. I would have written the same post even if I had paid. Lisa.

  9. Couldn't get into yesterday's links to read but did get into the BBC one today,interesting. Bloggers fill many niches. We have a choice on what we choose to read and there are many out there.It's good that it's created a whole new way of earning for those that are inspired and talented that way and can do it.Self employed people still have to claim income for taxes and meet business guidelines. With the internet there are many blurred lines re:compliance and protocals because laws haven't caught up with our technology.That opens the doors to all,so I try to keep an open mind and be selective and hope I don't click the wrong thing.(smile)Regards, Destemona

  10. I hope your stall is a big success in raising money for the rescue cats. I blog for fun and for friendships formed and I think blogging for money would be a rough road.

  11. There are many blogs that I enjoyed reading and following. I like blogs about the experiences others have with day to day living, finances, cooking, sewing gardening and hobbies and I've picked up valuable tips from some. But , then suddenly all kinds of ads appear because these bloggers have large followings and they see an opportunity to profit from their numbers. Can I blame them? No. But, when it gets to the point where there are more ads than regular posts, I stop following them.

    Gail :)
    P.S. I'm a cat lover too so good luck with the stall.

    I also understand that it's hard to refuse