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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

How to make money out of social media

There are millions of news channels out there on the www, it's difficult to choose one or two which appeal to the curious, or should I say the nosey, like me. My dad was a news junkie, the first thing he did every morning on his way to work was to pick up a copy of his favourite paper. It was pulled out of his bag at tea breaks, lunch breaks, and the last detailed inspection came in the evening after he had settled down in front of the TV with his dinner on his lap watching Cliff Michelmore on the Tonight programme. Empty dinner plate cleared away, and he finally completed the crossword which he had been pondering over all day. There wasn't a word in that paper which he hadn't read, he certainly got his money's worth out of it. I wonder which news channel he would choose now, when every scrap of news is accessible at the touch of a few buttons. He would be in junkie heaven I guess, if he were still around.

I haven't bought a newspaper in years, I don't need to, as I have all the news I want here on this screen. My taste in channels is changing, I am leaning away from the more frivolous gossipy news, to something with a bit more substance, something which is a tad more educational, something which is more relevant to my lifestyle. I don't care what the so called celebrities are up to, and I use that term loosely. All they seem to be doing is flashing their tits and bums. Why not just go the whole hog and publish every picture totally undraped, they are only chuffin bodies after all, we all have one.

Anyway, what am I reading now? I signed up to an upmarket newspaper, it has some interesting stuff in it, food for thought. I'm not sure if that was a good move as they keep sending me email updates, I shall have to go back to it and un tick the box. The layout is quite complicated anyway, like fighting my way through a forest to get to the bits I want to read. Ho hum.

I recently dropped on the BBC news channel, never really looked before as I usually only use the BBC iplayer. There seems to be a large diverse range of topics to peruse, clear and concise, on uncluttered pages, and frequently updated. Maybe I'll stick with this one for a while.

You know when you start clicking, one page leads to another, and eventually when you have thoroughly read up on a certain topic, a clearer picture emerges. Your brain is nourished and bingo, you feel your new found knowledge puts things into perspective. Hmmm, that was interesting, given me something to think about.

I found a few items that you might be interested in, especially the bloggers amongst you. To give it a short and concise title, 'How to make money out of social media'. There are very blurred boundaries between  someone being very nice, and someone wanting to make money. Maybe I should re phrase that, nice and not wanting to make money, but hard nosed driven to make money. Have a look at these and see what you think.

Bloggers meet brands at networking event.
Look like a bunch of nice ladies, don't they? Probably are very nice, but look behind the scenes. They want to sell you something, because their blogs are their business. You could join them if you have a popular blog.

Instagram star makes a living out of selling photographs.
Man turns his hobby into a profitable business. Good at photography? Sell your photo's.

Vloggers paid for promotions. 
BBC Newsround are investigating the role of vloggers in advertising. The ASA has said it needs to be made clear when vloggers are paid to promote a product. Chyaz explains how she makes money from vlogging. Vloggers start out as bloggers, can you speak to a camera? If so you could make money with product or services endorsements.

Are you getting a taste for money making. Want to know how to take the next step? Have a read of this article in The Entrerepreneur.
21 Ways to make your boring trade blog interesting. Note the word 'trade', when you start selling on your blog you become a trader, and your blog becomes a business with a taxable income.

I've put together this little collection of useful articles, should you wish to go down this route. I won't be joining you because how will anyone ever believe a word I say if I start accepting money, and free goods and services.

An internet based business might be a good move for anyone young and ambitious with a bit of drive. Even seniors with time on their hands who want to supplement their pension would find it beneficial, if not for making loads of money, but for the experience of keeping their grey matter active. I gave up work at 60, I'd rather keep my life simple by managing on what I have already got. I don't need any more.

Thank you for popping in today. It's been a pleasure writing for you. Keeps my grey matter well oiled, ha ha.
Toodle pip.


  1. I struggle with the news pages. I like the layout online of the Daily Mail but don't like the paper. I like the Telegraph paper but don't like the layout online. Not that I'm fussy ;) x

  2. I could not agree more. I have been toying with the idea of writing a blog from this side of the pond. My hubs is still working, thank God, but I spend my time volunteering and caring for our critters. I just found your blog a cuppla weeks ago and enjoy it.

  3. I now avoid all up to date news, we get given some newspapers late each week for fire lighting and by then the news is either out of date so not worth reading or stuff I wouldn't have read anyway!
    Life is so much simpler without worrying about news, am I missing something vital? doubt it.

  4. I agree with your opinion of bloggers accepting freebies- I hate to read about it and feel slightly disgusted with them when they do that. Thank you for having integrity.

  5. Ilona, I've stopped some blogs that have too many ads on them. If it is kind of subtle, might not be so bad, but I like to see pictures and read others thoughts, not ads. We get those enough on TV.

  6. Totally agree with bloggers and the freebees. Some have always done it and spoken openly of it. Others started off saying they would never, now they do. Some are very proud of it as well.

    Reading reviews of freebees does not make me want to run out and purchase the product, stay at the hotel, or whatever. I'd rather read an honest review of someone who went and purchased the item on their own dime. Or a review of a bed and breakfast they stayed at.

  7. I read your blog daily and am always encouraged by your honesty and integrity.

  8. I do not like the ads at all. Hard sometimes to read the actual blog. I have been following a woman in the US who virtually has no income due to health, divorce etc. Brenda did a series on bloggers being paid. It was an interesting read. Her blog is called Cozy Little House. She makes enough to survive. I worked in the newspaper industry and part of my duties was to read all our member newspapers every week. Loved it and miss it. My parents would have the paper from the city sent out each day. It was well read and then would watch the news on TV every evening. Guess that's where I got my love of newspapers from. Not sure they would like the new era. My son age 40 gets the newspaper every day. Not sure if it is just for the crossword or not.

  9. Ilona, I hope that you keep your blog just as it is now. I enjoy the mix of topics and your thoughts about living well.

    I read a few other blogs in the U.S., most of which have ads on the side. But those blogs don't flaunt their advertisers. I understand the need for some bloggers to make money. The blogs I drop are the ones that start pushing products.

    Your blog is my favorite.

  10. I read regularly and try to challenge myself and learn new things to keep the old noodle intact.Sometimes I reach a saturation point with news and information and have to step away from it to keep balanced.But that said I always have a book on the e-reader and cannot imagine a life without books to read.I'm addicted.You do not bombard your visitors with ads and distractions.Your content and photography are a breath of fresh air in blogland.It's honest,real,uncomplicated and most importantly unpretentious.That's why so many of us visit. There's a place for the profit driven blog but I am very glad that you aren't doing that.Regards, Destemona

  11. I try and watch the news each day, or at the very least catch the headlines, but I find it mostly acutely depressing and the good stories are far outnumbered, usually just tagged on as 'and finally' type thingy.

    As for newspapers, I read some every day .... when I am lining the henhouse after clearing out all the previous nights poo. I usually find myself at least 6 months out of date, in fact just the other day I read some news that was over 18 months old!!

  12. .... oh and I meant to add, I really don't want to go down the route of making money out of my Blog. In fact I get quite cross with the emails I get asking me to advertise this or that or do reviews of products that have no place in my life. I have done a couple of reviews in the past when I was approached nicely and it was things we actually used or needed anyway, but I would never consider advertising placements , I quickly go off blogs that do do this. You suddenly realise that appealing for viewers and having giveaways for 'followers only' was simply a way of turning what was a good read into a money making venture.


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