Tuesday, 14 April 2015

A taste of Southport

Hello from Sunny Southport. I arrived at 2.30pm, there was one change of train at Manchester. A smashing lady got on at Sheffield and we chatted all the way until I got off. I discovered later that I had left my sun visor on the train, oh bother, I was distracted and forgot all about it. Not to worry, I found a cap in the sale at Primark for £1 and have just spent an hour cutting the top off and hemming it up to make the headband. 
A little bit about Southport. I had thought about taking a short trip along the coast to see Anthony Gormley's gigantic men on the beach, but the man in the Tourist Information said it is a train journey away, so I didn't go. I picked up a street map and had a bimble instead. But where is the sea? There is a lot of water, the Marine Lake is between the shops and the beach. A train runs up and down the Promenade, I didn't take a ride, I thought £2.50 for a return trip was too much.  
There is a road which goes over the top of the lake to Marine Drive which is next to the beach. I walked alongside it on a wooden pedestrian bridge which carries on to the end of the pier, though I didn't go that far.

And there is the end of the pier, but no sign of the sea. Not many people on the beach, I don't think the ice cream man was doing a roaring trade.

There is a little ornamental bridge over the lake as well. 

I couldn't resist a quick bimble round the funfair, it was very busy.

These shelters are dotted around the lake, I love these. 
I don't think I'll be stopping at this hotel, ha ha. Looks lovely but probably pricey. A small B & B is more in line with my budget.

Lord Street is a very wide and busy shopping street.

This is a stunningly beautiful building, spotted while I was looking for a bed for tonight. I'm not sure what it is, but a sign says there are residents about. Could it be apartments?

My B & B is on Ravendale Road North, I have an en suite single room for £37.50. Breakfast is at 8.15am so I should be starting my walk at about 9am. I'm going to chill now with a mug of hot chocolate, and watch a bit of tele before I hit the sack. The bed looks comfy, no animals to share it with tonight, ha ha. Tomorrow I'm aiming for Chorley.
Bye for now, catch you tomorrow, hopefully with a good signal.
Toodle pip


  1. Southport looks lovely. The ornamental shelter is very pretty. Lots of interesting architecture.

    Maybe it was low tide and that is why you couldn't see the sea. Perhaps tomorrow at a different time.

    Hope you have great weather tomorrow!

  2. good luck for the start of your journey. Enjoy your travels.

  3. Hi.It sounds and certainly looks like your trip has started out very nicely. I've taken the train across Canada to the west coast (British Columbia) and met the nicest people,so varied too,even met an Amish group that were very friendly and shared stories of their lifestyle.The beautiful architecture is really as you say over there"gobsmacking" hope I've used it properly,tee-hee.You've taken some great pics and the info is most appreciated. I'm excited for you, rest well,safe journey,D.

  4. Sweet town. Love the pic's. Have fun and stay safe. :)

  5. One thing I like about your walks is the opportunity to google the places you visit, which all sound exotic to me! Are you going to treat yourself to a Chorley cake?
    Have a great walk.
    Ann in Canada

  6. Lovely to see Southport all the way from Tasmania - thank you for this little glimpse of home. The Anthony Gormley men are indeed a train ride away - about half an hour's ride if I remember rightly. Looking forward to the rest of your trip round my old stomping grounds!

  7. Good luck Ilona, I will be thinking of you and wishing you well.
    You are in a part of the country I know quite well, you are making me nostalgic.
    I hope you have a lovely time, good weather and good folks to cheer you on.
    I have a map of the UK and will enjoy following along and marking your progress each day.
    Love from Pam in Texas.xx

  8. You've got nicer weather than i got on Easter sunday, it was thick fog.
    The sea is always miles away and the beach isn't that brilliant.
    The red brick building used to be the hospital and was converted into apartments.

  9. It's a long time since we've been to Southport. May have to do a return trip.

  10. Ha! It's a very rare day when you get to see the sea in Southport!

  11. Welcome to Southport! The red brick building was once Southport hospital but has now been converted into luxury apartments. Hope you have enjoyed your stay.

  12. I'm glad you arrived safe and sound. Great photographs. It's years since I've been to Southport and I can't remember any of it. I hope the weather is kind to you today. X

  13. When I was uni I used to go and visit Auntie Helen at Crosby. Your photos brought back all sorts of memories.

    There was a coffee shop on Lord Street that she loved and would treat me to afternoon tea there.


  14. It's odd seeing photos of a place I know well on someone's blog. My mum lives quite near Southport & we often visit when we're there. You missed a treat with "Another Place" - the Gormley installation - I love it! It's probably about 15 minutes away on the train, that's all. The building you liked used to be a hospital, I think, but now it's luxury appartments. It's not often you get to see the sea at Southport!!
    Enjoy your Long Walk Home!!!

  15. My home :) Yes they are apartments. It was the hospital and thankfully was converted rather than knocked down. The sea really does come in but we do have lots of sand :) :)

  16. Thanks for sharing the photos Ilona, I haven't been to Southport UK but we do have a Southport beach in Queensland.

  17. Nice pics, I've never been to Southport however if it's anything like Blackpool my Dad used to say you needed to catch a bus out to the sea when the tide was out :) Have a great day tomorrow Ilona
    wiggy x

  18. Ha, know Southport very well as my sister has lived there for may years so I visit regularly! Hope you had a great time!