Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Day 1. Southport to Chorley.

Hello. The signal is intermittent tonight, but I'll soldier on and type a bit slower so it can keep up. I made Chorley, 21 miles walked today. The first two hours was on tarmac out of Southport. Then across fields, along farm tracks, canal tow paths, and some minor roads, so a bit of allsorts really.  
I passed a big Tesco on the way into Chorley and got some yellow sticker food for a picnic in the room. A woman kindly gave me some information about a couple of B & B's that I might try, so I followed her directions. The first one I tried was full, but the landlady invited me in because there was another walker there, who had booked a room but there was a mix up and she couldn't accommodate him. She felt obliged to find him a bed elsewhere, but she wasn't having much luck on the phone, it seems everywhere was full. Then she got us both in her car and took us a few miles to a Motel that she knew of. Yes, they had two rooms, so here I am at the Charnock Farm. They don't serve breakfast here, so she is coming back at eight in the morning to take us back to her place where we can eat. What a palaver, but at £45 for the room and I'll have to pay her for breakfast it's still cheaper than the Premier Inn. 
The weather wasn't kind today, it was what I would call mizzle. Not rain but heavy mist, I didn't get wet, but it was not good for photographs. No sun and very overcast. 
I walked past this beautiful church on the way out of Southport. 

My route took me along the A570 to Scarisbrick where I took a minor road, the tracks, then onto the canal to Burscough. Another fine church, seen at Bescar.

Not many boats on the move on the canal. When they want to go under this bridge the traffic lights go to red to stop the traffic, and it's lifted up.

Coming into Burscough there is a grave yard for old fairground rides and trucks. These two don't look too bad, but most are complete wrecks and are rotting away. 
This is the bridge where I left the canal, and joined the road towards Rufford.

For a short distance I got off the road and went back on the canal tow path. This is the Marina at Rufford.

The church at Rufford provided me with a bench to sit on for a late lunch. This is the view from my bench, kind of spiritual I thought. The weather had improved by then and it was brightening up.

From then on it was a long trek over fields towards Eccleston, which then joined a road into the village. I love this twisted tree.  
Crossing over the M6 Motorway just North of Charnock Richard Services. It was quite busy on the Southbound side.

I thought this was a very unusual barn, it's very tall, with brick built columns supporting the roof. Logs for the fire are stored inside, it looks more like a monument than a working barn.

From there on it was just a matter of following the road into Chorley. Tomorrow I shall be heading towards Darwin, then on to Haslington and Rawtenstall. Up to now I have been walking through rich, dark brown agricultural land, but it's going to get a bit hilly, lots of contour lines on the map. Only one blister so far. My back pack is a bit lighter for this trip because I've left the computer battery at home. Don't know why I have been carrying it around with me, the computer works fine without it.

Time for a bit if relaxation. I'll catch you tomorrow. Toodle pip.


  1. If you are on the canal,Johnson hillock locks are fab. Pub is the top lock. Botany bay nearby as well.

  2. I work all around the area you are in today as well. 😀

  3. Have a good sleep. You did really well, 21 miles. How kind of the lady to help you and the other walker. Premier inn is always expensive unless you choose your day and pre-book well in advance. We got a room for £29 in Leeds by doing this.

  4. Nice to see the photos, I used to visit Southport quite regularly some years ago.

  5. Walking along the canal on the towpath looks very pretty. I don't know how you walk so many miles for a number of days. My feet would give out after one day.

    I hope that your weather improves and that you have a lovely day tomorrow.

  6. Thanks so much for posting your travels. Living in the desert in Arizona, reading your posts are a wonderful way to end the day visiting another country. I wish for improved weather for you.

  7. Good distance covered today Ilona, well done.
    Isn’t nice that you meet so many good people on your travels.
    Glad that you found a bed for the night, crossing fingers and toes for good weather tomorrow.
    Sleep tight.
    Love from Pam in TX. xx

  8. Hello.It's good that you eventually did find a place to rest your weary feet and it all worked out in the end.You covered a very long distance today and that's amazing.It's a pleasure to read and see all about it.I especially liked the light,balance-composition of the crooked tree photo-and the road,you have a good eye for that kind of shot.Wow.The craftsmen who built those churches were very gifted and skilled.I hope you have sunny skies soon and if not are dry and comfortable.Take care,bye for now, D.

  9. Ilona, please be careful on your long walk. Glad things worked out for you at the lodging situation. And your pictures in the mizzle are really beautiful. The grass is very green and the other buildings are rich in color.

  10. Wow! That church is beautiful! And what a nice lady! You lucked up there.
    Thanks for letting up tag along. I love your journeys and places i'll likely never see except through your photo's.

  11. I like your day to day reports. It feels I'm with you on this walking adventure. Hope the weather gets better.

  12. What a varied walk you'll have by the look of things - I'm not sure of your home location (around Leeds somewhere?) and looking at a map wondered if you'll pass Hebden Bridge (of historical importance)?

    Good walking, anyway! Hope the weather improves, too.

  13. Looks life a lovely walk. Hope you get some blue skies and less mizzle. Take care and enjoy your trip.

  14. Good luck on your travels - will be keeping an eye out for future posts. :-)

  15. I hope the weather improves for you. I liked the tree too. X

  16. I'm glad you're typing slowly because i can't read very fast.
    I love it that you called in Tesco for the yellow stickers. Shame about the funfair rides. The canals helped the industrial revoloution which created the wealth to build those nice old buildings in places like Southport.


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