Friday, 17 April 2015

Day 3. Haslingden to Hebden Bridge.

Hello. I'm feeling a bit stiff tonight, the muscles are a bit achey. Not half as bad as on previous walks though. I think I'm doing really well. Just checked the miles, 17.25 today, not bad. There was no breakfast this morning, but I managed to make coffee. I found a kettle and a mug in another room, there was no one about and all the keys were in the doors. I had enough food to cobble together a different sort of breakfast. I got away a little earlier, at 8.30am, the cleaner was in and she let me out. Oh my, a place I want to forget, ha ha. 
Tonight is better, I am in Hebden Bridge. I've had to spend a bit more than I would have liked, but I think £65 is still too much, I'm in a pub, a better one. I feel as if I am underwater, everything is blue, there are penguins on the pillows. There was a cheaper B & B, but they were full. 
A bit more hill climbing today, this is the view of Haslingden.
I went up what the locals call Ski Slope Road, I was curious about the ski slope indicated on the map. Here it is.

I arrived just as they were opening up, and they let me inside for a nosey around. Look at all their equipment. 
I asked lots of questions, and found it fascinating. It's nearly fifty years old. I've had a look at their web site, its very exciting. Take a look, Ski Rossendale.

 Looking up the slope.

There is a coffee shop in the lodge half way up, with a great viewing platform.

This is the matting they use on the slopes.
Great views from the top.

I found these broken bits and thought they would make a great art installation. 
I didn't see much of Rawtenstall or Bacup as I bypassed them. This is Lamberts Mill, which is typical of a lot of old mill buildings around here which have been turned into warehouses. 
 I hopped on and off the River Irwell for a while. This owl has been carved out of a tree stump with a chain saw.

I've found this speeded up video of the artist as he is carving it.

These old ruins are not far from the Recreation Ground just below Bacup. The date on the stone says 1856. Shame it's been to crumble and fall down. Right next to it is a new row of terraced houses, on a small estate. 
Heading over towards Todmorden. Mega littering.

This is the Astronomy Centre on the A681 just up the road from the quarry. Not as famous as Jodrell Bank. 
Coming into Todmorden I got onto the Rochdale Canal, and followed it to Hebden Bridge. I've walked this section before, it was nice to be on familiar ground.

There are quite a lot of locks but I didn't see any boats moving along the water. They were all moored up. A few people were about, probably getting ready for the weekend. Some of them were occupied, whisps of smoke indicated that there was someone aboard. One old chap was cooking a big pan of stew on an open fire on the tow path. All along the fencing was strewn with his possessions, it did look a mess. To be honest I was a bit shocked to see what a state he was in, but each to their own I suppose.

I came off the canal to pick up some supplies from the Co op. I shall go back there in the morning to resume my journey. Weatherwise it was dry, with not much sun. I wore my shorts, and jacket, it was a bit chilly high up.

Time to wind down methinks so I'll say goodnight. Catch you tomorrow. I'm not sure where I'll be, there are several different options, I'll make it up as I go along.
Toodle pip


  1. Good going Ilona! For 50 pounds more than you paid last night I hope that you have a great night , a super comfy bed and a wonderful breakfast. Super photos, as usual! JanF

  2. Glad you have a nicer room tonight, Ilona. It would be nice if you could book your rooms in advance but I know that would be hard when you aren't sure how far you'll walk depending on the weather.

    That ski slope looks interesting. Even after looking at their website I can't quite figure out if it snows there, if they use machine-made snow or if there is just a slick covering they use over that padding and do without snow all together. The skis in the shop look like regular skis. Interesting.

    Have a good walk tomorrow.

  3. Another great day Ilona, how exciting to wake up each day to a new adventure and lucky for us, we can come along.
    Glad that you are in a nicer place tonight.
    Thank you for all the lovely pictures.
    Wishing you a good day tomorrow.
    Love from Pam in Texas. xx

  4. I love the sculpures made from tree stumps. There are a quite a few around here.x

  5. These are quite long days of walking Ilona, well done. If you're going to Accrington, be sure to visit the Howarth Museum art gallery. They have some fabulous pieces of glass Galle and Lalique. Have a great day walking.

  6. I was thinking , ski slope? There isn't enough snow!...then you showed us the matting. I've never seen a fake ski slope before!
    I'm going to need much more practice with my chain saw to carve anything..I rejoice at a straight cut!
    Jane x

  7. loving reading your walk account. So glad the weather is being kind to you and long may it continue.

  8. Enjoying reading about your walk Ilona, we were in Hebden Bridge last week !!

  9. Hi.The canal walk looks lovely and interesting to see and not too hard going.Sorry that the homeless man startled you a bit,but on the other hand it's a good reminder to expect the unexpected on travels, though he was no harm at all,thankfully,just another of the people living on the fringes.I recently read a book of fiction where the characters live and work on a canal and your descriptions of wisps of smoke and evidence of habitation bring that back to mind. It took place in the 1800's when canals were bustling with trade.I checked out the ski slopes link,and the tubing downhill looks like fun.You are fantastic,walking all those klms per day.Very inspiring and enjoyable read,thank you,regards, D.


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