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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Day 2. Chorley to Haslingden

Hello. Well we were picked up this morning, me and the other walker, and were taken back to the B & B for our breakfast, and I was on my way just after 9am. No mizzle today, didn't need to wear my jacket, it was quite warm. Flowers outside the Magistrates Court.
On the spur of the moment I decided to go into Astley Park and go and have a look at the Hall before I left. The grand entrance.

There is a Sensory Garden with perfumed plants, and things for visually impaired people to touch. I thought this wooden carved bench was particularly interesting.

The Hall itself doesn't look particularly attractive, rather boxy, with no nice carvings or ornate stone features. I couldn't get excited about it.

The lake in front of it is nice. 
There was a lot of people strolling about. Plenty of dog walkers, and mothers with buggies and small children. I stopped to chat to a man walking his dog, and during the course of the conversation he was asking about my walking. I told him about the walks I had done, and was gobsmacked when he told me he was born in Burton on Trent in the same hospital as I was. How very weird is that. I spoke to a random stranger in a place I have never been before and I find we have this connection. He lived in the same village as I lived when I was a toddler, and his mother used to give singing lessons to my cousin. What an amazing coincidence.

Looking at it close up it is in desperate need of a face lift. It all looks tired and tatty.

The better side of it is round the back. 
As I was heading out of Chorley just over the railway bridge was this pub. Next I walked over the M61 motorway and picked up the A674. 
A mile later I was striking off right on a minor road which took me through Brinscall, Withnell, and Abbey Village, towards Darwen. Then I joined a path to take me past Roddlesworth Reservoir, There are such a lot of paths in the area I got a bit confused, and asked for directions from a couple walking their two dogs. It was easier just to follow them as they were going in the same direction. Maxine and Chris were great, I was very slow at climbing a steep bank through a wood with lots of huffing and puffing, and Chris took my backpack off me. They invited me to join them for a drink when we reached the pub on the roadside. I do meets some nice people on my travels. 
Over there in the distance is The Tower on Darwen Hill. I didn't go over there, I had already dawdled enough so I thought it best to get on. 
Sunnyhurst Hey Reservoir came into view 
Here we are in Darwin. I came down a steep road, blimey how do people cpoe going up and down this street. 
This is the college. The way out of the town went up a very long and steep hill. Boy was I sweating, I must have lost a couple of pounds today.

It was a long hard crawl up that hill, I had to stop halfway up and change the trousers to shorts and take off a layer. I was glad when I reached the summit.

This is a public footpath which goes down someone's driveway to their house.

Looking down on Ogden Reservoir. I could see it in the distance but the footpaths were not very clear, It was a case of walking towards it and hoping for the best. Most of the stone walls were crumbling so it didn't matter if I lost the path, I could just walk through the gaps.

Aha, at last a sign. 
There used to be houses up here a long time ago. Maybe these are ripe for renovation, ha ha.

Oh dear, a bit too far gone I would say.

 Yay, I found the water. Not long now, keep going. I rolled into Haslingden at 6.30pm and started searching for a bed.

The first man I asked sent me further up the road to a couple of pubs which did rooms. He very kindly offered me use of his caravan and said I should come back if I was unlucky. I did find a room and didn't need to take him up on his offer. So tonight I am in a 'No Frills', room, meaning no towel, and no breakfast. I'm at the front of the building next to a busy road, and the plumbing keeps making horrible loud trumpet noises when someone turns the tap on or flushes the toilet in another room. Definitely no frill here, but what can you expect for £15, ha ha. Not quite as many miles as yesterday. only 18.5, but a heck of a lot of hills up and down.

It's looking like there will be some road walking tomorrow as that seems to be the easiest route. I'll get off now, and hopefully catch you tomorrow.


  1. Great photographs, as always. I hope you're enjoying yourself. Tomorrow night treat yourself to a 'frilly' room. X

  2. I do so like your posts on your walking tours. I so enjoy the photos of your travels . It is so different in my part of the world. I look forward to posts of the rest of your walking trip.

  3. No frills=no thrills...perhaps tomorrow?
    That building really isn't pretty is it...and I'm just imagining that street coated in ice!
    Jane x

  4. Gorgeous as always! And! You never know who you know. No towel? I guess it's a drip dry nite. ;) Enjoy tomorrow and stay safe.

  5. Nice to come along with you Ilona, I have checked out your route on my map, good going, what an achievement.
    I always think of practical things and am concerned because you do not have a towel in your room. I hope that you carry something with you that you can use.
    Hope the bed is comfy, I guess you have to admit, fifteen pounds is a bargain.
    Looking forward to tomorrow's adventure.
    Love from Pam in TX.xx

  6. You'll definitely deserve a "frillier" room after that...Thanks for all the photos.

  7. Looking forward to the next installment, I really enjoy reading about your trips x

  8. Really enjoyed the photos of your walk so far and pleased the weather has been goig for you.Kristel

  9. You are doing well! Amazing coincidence with the stranger! Isn't life funny? Debbie x

  10. Your "dawdles" really contained some great pictures for us. Sounds like you are having a fun time on your hike, even if your facilities are a bit to be desired.

  11. You missed a bit of a treat not going in Astley Hall. It is fab and a bit of a 'jewel in the crown' for Chorley. The Hall, is Tudor and is bound to look a bit tired. Lots of interesting tales surround it, also there is a wonderful war exhibition above the cafe behind the Hall. The entrance, was originally built for one of the Coronations and replaced the old entrance. Sadly a lot of good architecture has been destroyed by the various planning committees over the years. St Lawrences Church opposite the entrance, is also worth a visit if you bimble this way in future. I live not far from the pub the Lock and Quay. Know all the walks around here and if I hadn't been working would have met up with you. Darwen i find a tad boring.

  12. Hi.Lovely photos and info, Ilona.All that beauty shared soothes my cranky self today as I recover from a "procedure."You've got me smiling and have brightened my day!That's a good price for your bed for a night despite the basic amenities.I wonder what tomorrow will bring through your lens?Take good care,thank you,bye for now, D.

  13. You are doing well! Been round your old stomping ground today, Burton, with our visitors from Hull. My new bag has been much admired. Hope you get a comfy bed and room next time. The photo's are lovely.

  14. Enjoying your travels with you, wish I could walk I hope you can find a better B/B for tonight, and hang the expense for once.
    Danneke x

  15. Darwen tower looks like a rocket made of stone, maybe thats where NASA got the idea. Theres a three towers walk between Darwen tower , Peel tower, which you can probably see from Haslingden and Rivington pike near Winter Hill, the big hill with the tv mast that you would have seen on most of your walk upto now.
    The canal from Chorley passes a couple of miles north of Abbey Village which is around 7 miles from our house.

  16. Its the windows that are of architectural importance, Astley Hall was one of the first buildings of its time to have so many windows which let lots of natural light in.


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