Saturday, 11 April 2015

Not a load of old tat.

Hello. I went to my first Vintage Fair today. The venue was The Baths Hall in Scunthorpe. It was billed as Lou Lou's Vintage Fair, seems like it is a very big organisation as they hold fairs in 42 towns and cities across the country. I didn't see Vintage Vixen there though, she must have been somewhere else. 
There were stalls of every kind, predominantly clothing and accessories, with home wares, jewelry, bric a brac, and household linens. Even vintage jam. 
Rails packed full of clothes, lots of colourful dresses.

Braces and neck ties on offer, £5.

This was a very large stall, plenty to choose from, for gents as well as ladies.

I had a chat with some of the stall holders, some were dressed in the period, but some were not. I think if you are going to sell this kind of thing you have to look the part. There were hairdressers available to turn long tresses into pinned up curls and flowing ringlets. There seems to be a strong following for this kind of fashion in Scunthorpe, lots of visitors had made the effort to come dressed up. Apart from me of course. Oh dear, I seem to have got out of the habit of dressing up. I need a personal dresser because I haven't a clue.

I had a few other places to go while I was in town so I was dressed for the weather, which was a bit chilly. My quarterly utilities bills came yesterday so I dropped payment into the bank. Gas was £87.52, I had the heating on when it was really cold. Electricity was £36.75, which is about normal. Both should go down next time as we get longer days, and the heating won't be used again until the autumn.

I stocked up on pet food for the cat sitter, and Rocky will have his overnight bag stuffed full of goodies to take to his holiday home from home. I didn't get my printer organised, need some ink, so I've bought two more OS maps. I have the full set now for my walk across England. If anyone thinks I may be passing through their area and wants to walk a bit with me, you are welcome, but I have to warn you that I walk fast. Meeting in the evening might not be possible, as I like to find a room, collapse, and write my blog. I could spare perhaps an hour or so for a drink and chat. I will need your mobile phone number and town or village, so I can text you if I am coming your way. Sorry, I can't pre arrange to meet anyone, except the reader in Southport, because I don't know in advance where I will be at any given time. My email address is on the side if you want to contact me.

Chill time now. Thanks for popping in. Enjoy your Sunday.
Toodle pip.


  1. Awww, I didn't do that one although I am a registered trader with them. I know a few of those stallholders though and yes, I totally agree, why don't sellers dress up? I don't understand how people attempt to make a living selling vintage and not love it themselves. xxx

  2. Ah cool! I've never heard of one like that. I'd love to went through the vintage items found there! Looked like oodles of fun!

  3. Ties! Ties make excellent Dresden plate blocks in case you are a mind to make a quilt with you finds. Another is the old handkerchiefs ladies use to carry around. Folded just so they make lovely butterflies blocks.

  4. I love vintage kitchen goods, dishes and linens.I like to look at vintage clothing but not really wear it.

    It sounds like you are leaving for your walk soon, Ilona. Have a safe journey and take lots of photos. I love your trips.

  5. Wondering if some of you old truck uniforms might be considered vintage?
    Teasing of

  6. Hi.I have not been to a vintage themed fair but it looks fun and something different to see,and a nice diversion from your errands.This next walk of yours sounds like a big one"across England" Oh my goodness! Thank you for sharing and the great photos,bye for now, D.

  7. We've got two of the sheets in one of your photos. I didn't know that I live a vintage life! Natalie.

  8. Would love to meet up with you Ilona- but I'm back at work tomorrow sadly. If you are in Huddersfield on the weekend, then it could be doable. I will jog behind you as walk on at pace and keep up! Should I email you my number? Ps I thought I'd posted this earlier so apologies if I've done it twice,xxxx

    1. Thanks for your email, have noted your number.

  9. Your route is only a few miles from where i live, it would be nice to walk with you for a mile or 2 but i can't walk fast thesedays and i'd probably be working anyway but good luck with your walk.

  10. love this kind of thing(event:), lucky you!

  11. I love the fifties sun dresses!
    Jane x

  12. If I had known that all this vintage stuff was going to be so popular I would have saved all the tat that I bought at jumbles years ago, could have made a fortune. lol

  13. Sadly the Spanish don't do vintage fairs like these, however I have heard a comment that Spain is where fashion comes to die, and if you saw the stuff in the shops you might agree. In the village it is very common to see ladies wearing dresses made from crimpeline fabric which she either made 30 years ago and is still wearing it or kept the fabric for 30 years and made the dress last week. I especially like the fact that everyone makes dresses as well as buying them... they look so much more individual.

  14. loved the 1939 house but i think the washing is really hard work. I had a twin tub until recently but it was a modern plastic one and rubbish compared to my mums old hotpoint that ran for over 20 years. I remember having a bath on sunday night then putting on a clean vest and nightwear that lasted all week til next sundays bath, and we always slept in our vest aswell. I dont remember ever being ill so it didn't do us any harm, just kept us warm.


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