Thursday, 9 April 2015

We all need love

Good morning. I've just been flitting around the internet as you do, checking what's going on, on forums, blogs, social media, and news sites. Don't know why I do this, just part of the getting up and eating breakfast routine. It's nice to keep in touch with the outside world.

There is a lady on a forum, won't mention names, she went through a terrible tragedy about a year ago, lost her husband, her soul mate, in a road traffic accident on the motorway. Not the usual involved in a car smash scenario, he had got out of his car to help someone else, and was knocked down. He died a hero. I don't know the lady personally but having been on the same forum for a few years, my heart broke for her. I couldn't imagine how anyone could get over losing a loved one in those circumstances.

This morning I read another of her update posts. She is a dog trainer, and an excellent one at that. What she doesn't know about dog training isn't worth knowing. She has found some solace in volunteering her training expertise at a Dog Rescue. Her posts tell of dogs with all kinds of behavioural problems, the sort that mean it's unlikely they will find a new home. She takes them on and turns them around, with the loving patience that she has for them. So dogs which otherwise wouldn't have much of a future are given another chance and are finding new homes.

Part of her post from yesterday, it made me cry.

These dogs are saving my life, giving me something to do.
I am not lonely now, just alone.

My God, when I think of people moaning about their lot, they need to take a leaf out of this ladies book. Dogs and cats have wonderful healing powers, and so does volunteering. If you know anyone who is struggling a bit please suggest to them that they volunteer, or if they are in a position to do so, adopt a dog or a cat from a rescue. 

Everyone needs to find some meaning in their lives, a reason for them to be here, I know I do. The lady is an inspiration, no one knows how they will cope when things fall apart around them. When I read stories like this it makes me believe in miracles. 

Such an emotional song, such a powerful performance.

I need to go outside and walk around the garden now. 
Catch you tomorrow. Toodle pip


  1. Very sensitive post this morning Ilona. That lady will find the strength to carry on. I lost my daughter in a road accident and you do learn to accept and live with it eventually. Very early days for her yet. It will be very satisfying for her working with the dogs.
    My eldest son lives in Canada and he and his wife foster dogs for New Hope rescue. They have their own Jack Russell called Rocky, he's 10. and they adopted one of the rescue dogs too. His wife has a way with problem dogs, they've looked after quite a few .

  2. Thank-you for sharing what is invaluable, Iiona! X

  3. The healing ability of pets is very under-rated. We got our dog Fergus just three months after our son suffered life changing injuries andthe dog literally saved us. A pet gives you purpose, routine and someone to care for (which is as important as having someone care for you) and they ask very little in return. I think everyone needs a pet.

  4. Hello and thank you for this post. We have helped out with fostering twice via one of the local Labrador rescues and it is so rewarding - one lab was saved from the inevitable at the pound and the other was unwanted after 8 years by her owners!! Happily both have gone on to great homes via the rescue. Had we not had our ex-feral cat who has never got 100% tame to consider I would have kept both dogs in an instant. Animals really do help us all in many ways. (P.S. I love your blog).

  5. I think the love and complete given to us by animals is the purest of them all. They ask little from us other than care and compassion, how people can mistreat them is totally beyond me.

    She sounds like a wonderfully compassionate person, giving of her time, love and patience when such a tragedy has hit her life.

  6. I agree with what the others said. Animals love you unconditionally and are indeed life savers.

    Dh and dd danced to that song for their father and daughter dance at her wedding. The Gerry and the Pacemakers version though. I love the one by Andre Rieu.

  7. Hi , I lost my soul mate a few years ago to cancer, and although we were told from the start it was terminal ( his illness was very short) , it was no less of a shock when he did die.
    IWe had allways had a dog and the few years I have lived alone my dog has kept me going, the
    days you feel like giving up and you cant face the outside world , having a dog means you have
    to go out they need exercise , I cannot image how I would have got through these past couple of years without my dog.
    The unconditional love and constant companionship has been my saviour.
    Adopt a dog if you can, You will be rewarded with their love a thousand times over

  8. Animals are more precious than we think.
    My sister wants that song played at her funeral,so I can't listen to it or I'll be a sobbing wreck.
    Jane x

  9. You big softie! I agree, this lady is a strong person, helped with the good work she does.
    I can vouch for the cat side of things, if it wasn't my my little Lucy and now the hens of course, I probably wouldn't be here, blogging or anything else!
    Have you found homes for the stuff you 'rescued' yesterday? Wish you lived nearer, would love that folding stool lol! xxx

  10. Thanks for a lovely post and the recognition of this lady who has endured so much and still finds a positive in life. Have a great day, Ilona!

  11. Sweet dogs and cats:) all animals really:))

  12. Best rendition I've heard of that song -- and ditto, ditto, ditto to everything about dogs and cats and as Cathy says, all animals really.

  13. People find strength through terrible adversity in lots of ways through support of others, animals, involving themselves in something that holds great meaning to them. I meet others in my job for whom these strategies don't work. The rest of us need to support them through the hard times. xx

  14. A lovely and touching post Ilona we do all need love in one form or another. My Mum said to me a while ago, when my Dad died 13 years ago it was like a huge door had been closed and when my son was born 3 years later, a little window of sunshine was opened, makes me cry even now when I think of it.
    Twiggy x

  15. Thanks for that Ilona. I lost a friend nearly 3 years ago. It made me sad. I then got an illness. I have tried to improve my area, as a way of putting one step forward. It does help, when you have problems. Also, improving my area will help me, and many others who live with an illness or disability. What helps me, helps thousands of others. The media do nothing to help, so it is up to me. I am thinking of ways to publicise my ideas, without the media. I am naturally quite shy, but my ideas are stronger than my shyness, so I have to do something to make some changes. Love xx

  16. I would be lost without my cat. Most nights she sleeps with me but if I wake up and she's not there I get up to find her. I love her.

  17. That lady sounds like a hero, still going on and doing good with her work to turn around rescue dogs.

  18. Hello.There I go getting all weepy.The lady's story is very inspiring.Her love and commitment to rehabilitating rescue dogs warms my heart.Thankyou for sharing her story and the beautiful song,Ilona.They say what doesn't kill us makes us stronger-so very true.Your absolutely right that volunteering and giving back can help and heal both the giver and recipient to finding some meaning in life.My husband and I love dogs and have rescued several(severe allergies to cats sadly)and they have enriched our lives tremendously.Bye for now,D.

  19. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.


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