Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Raining cats and dog

Hello. What a funny old day, beautiful sunshine, and torrential rain. I went to the Scrapstore today, to renew our club membership, have a nosey to see if there is anything new, pick up a few things, and I fancied a trip out. Rocky did as well because we get bored at home all the time. The plan was to park at the waterside on the north bank and walk through the Country Park. That was the idea, only it didn't happen, ha ha. 

It was very windy and although the rain eased it was still very blustery, it didn't tempt me to get out the car. It looked a whole lot brighter over on the other side, so we crossed the bridge and went to the Visitor Centre in Barton instead. We like a walk round here, stepping carefully to avoid all the duck poo, ha ha. It's a good place to pick up tourist brochures as well, so I had a browse and came away with a handful. 
He loves his buggy, he walks a bit then stops and says, pick me up I want a ride. Well that's what I think he says, going by the expression on his face. He has such a deadpan look, makes me laugh. 

Here is the latest pussykins news. Bandit and Jack, two very affectionate boys, came to us when their elderly owner had to go into a care home. We have found them a new home with a kind family in a neighbouring village. They will be moving there soon when the family come back from their holidays.

We took another cat in recently that had been found wandering for a few weeks. Someone had been feeding it. We have tried to find the owners but no one has come forward. It is a young black female, the lady who was feeding it has offered to take it in permanently. So another happy ending. Doncha just lurrrv our furry friends :o)
Thanks for popping in, see ya soon. Toodle pip


  1. I just love how kind you are to animals. I believe it says a lot about a person. Rocky is obviously good company for you and travels happily in the car which cats generally don't like to do. You can enjoy them at home and in the garden. It's been a long time since I saw rain like that and we could surely use it here! JanF

  2. I think we have the same rain here!
    Jane x

  3. I know rain can be a downer, and I used to feel the same way. However, we are in severe drought in western Canada ~ never before seen heat and no rain for months, with hundreds of wildfires that threaten the lives of animals and humans, to say nothing of plant life. I say revel in the rain and jump in the puddles...celebrate water, a necessity for life! Liz

    1. A great and thought provoking comment to a really good Blog post. Thank you both x Rose (Kent - where it's usually hot and dry).

  4. It's good to hear that there are some very kind animal lovers around like yourself. If only there were more of the same people!! The cat at the back (in the pic of the 2 cats) is identical to our cat in looks. She'd probably have his guts for garters though as she's an ex-feral who's never quite got 100% trusting of humans or other cats for that matter. Rocky is so lovely!

  5. Great work with the mogs Ilona. Keep it up.
    Best wishes
    Colin in Kent

  6. Can't say I can blame Rocky for not wanting to walk in the heavy rain. Glad you decided on plan B - your little dog is so sweet.

    We are having unusual weather here in the Midwest USA - wettest June on record and continues thus far in July but very warm (hot) and humid. We need our central AC to stay comfortable.

  7. I always enjoy seeing him in his buggy.
    You are very kind to take care of the furry friends.

  8. I loved seeing Rocky in your video. He looks very comfy in your car.

    That is wonderful that Bandit, Jack and the little girl kitty will all have new homes.

  9. Hi.I was delighted to hear you chatting away while Rocky was keeping you company despite theweather.Isn't he such a good boy for not chasing the ducks?One of those surrendered cats looks so very much like my sister's Sherlock who is gone now.He was a little bit quirky-when I housesat for her my instructions were to sit down and watch him eat his supper -otherwise he'd yowl his head off and would not eat unless someone sat down nearby and watched him.Wonderful job looking after the critters,Ilona.Warm regards,D.

  10. Ilona I am happy that there are people like you who care for these lovely animals . I have a rescue dog and I adore him , I was one lucky person when he came into my life . Bob the poodle claimed me when I visited him at the rescue centre . He came and sat on my lap . The worker at the centre stated that Bon had claimed me . Having him for three years now I realise that he never just sits on anyone's lap . In his sweet poodle heart he wanted a family to belong to and blessings , he chose me .

  11. Dear old Rocky looks like he's giving you the evil eye. lol

  12. Fun to hear your voice! You sound like my sisters!

  13. Oh dear, what a wet day! Rocky looked really miffed about it all but your video was great. Nice to hear your voice, thanks for the smiles it brought :-)

  14. So good to see dear Rocky...what a lovely companion for you Ilona.