Monday, 6 July 2015

Hello. I finished my decorative hearts this morning at crafty club, they are easy to make. I like short projects which can be whipped up in no time. Two larger felt hearts and one smaller one. Add some small beads for embellishment, stitch the back and front together, with a length of ribbon through the middle from top to bottom, and stuff them. Add a few colourful beads to the end of the ribbon. 

The possibilities are endless with these. Matching or contrasting felt, lace, buttons, sequins, beads, embroidery, can all be used for decoration. You can string them vertically or horizontally. Make one heart into a key ring fob. Make several into a baby's mobile hanging from the pram or cot, without the beads which might be pulled off of course. Sew them onto a little girls handbag. Let your imagination run wild with a simple shape like a heart. 

While on the theme of hearts, I've picked out a video for you. Such a beautiful and powerful rendition of the Titanic theme. Enjoy.

The library van is here, I'm off to see Stan for a natter. Catch you later.
Toodle pip


  1. Loving the hearts!
    Granny G xx

  2. Love the hearts! Conchita's got my hair! Natalie


  3. I've got some of those indian elephants on a string hanging on the back door and they have had it. lol
    These would make a great replacement, and like you say, quick to make.

  4. The hearts look so good ! Thanks for sharing ! AussieCheryl : )

  5. Lovely hearts :-)

    I have a thing about hearts they are hanging all over our house, collected very haphazardly and not planned at all. We all need happy hearts in our lives.

  6. Any chance of your taking a trip to Bristol to follow the Shaun the Sheep trail??

  7. Hello.Those are lovely hearts,Ilona and such neat and tidy stitching by you.I've made some out of white battenburg lace type of fabric with a folded opening in the middle to insert a mesh bag of dried lavender,herbs,artemesia and rose petals from my garden.The inserted sachets could be removed when stale and were given as little gifts.I also used them in my linen closet and dresser drawers.Love that song,it always makes me feel a yearning for "something"(I don't know what,really)as I am very sentimental and a romantic at heart.Thanks.Bye for now,D.