Monday, 31 August 2015

A stitch in time, takes all day

Hello. I'm a bit late tonight. I have been sewing like crazy all day, working on the bag of many colours. I was hoping to put the pics on here tonight, the bag is finished, but the photo's do not take well with a flash, so I'll have to take more tomorrow in the daylight. I took it with me to Crafty Club and worked on it, then sat all day at the computer watching catch up while I stitched. 
There were some interesting programmes on iplayer. First Dragons Den which I like, some crazy business ideas are pitched in the hope that the Dragons will back them. One woman was offered the full amount by Peter Jones but he wanted 30% of her posh drinks business. She wouldn't go more that 25% so the silly woman turned him down. Big mistake, she had a good product and he could have done wonders with getting it out there in the stores. Then I watched a documentary about Anthony Hopkins, what a nice man, and very talented, and another about Omar Sharif. After that I watched two episodes of the Bake Off programme, not the whole programme but the Extra Slice follow up programme. I like Jo Brand, she makes me laugh. And after that I watched a documentary about Frank Sinatra, I never knew he sang a duet with Elvis Presley, then followed by a Doris Day documentary. I stopped that half way through it because that was when I finished the bag, and had to make a phone call. Next I have to clean Heidi's litter box out, and walk Rocky, and feed Bugsy, then maybe I will go to bed. 
A house is not a home without a cat. This is Mayze waiting for me to come home. She is a sweetheart mostly, but she has bullied Heidi in the past. I wondered if that was what made Heidi poorly. Heidi is much happier now she has her own territory in the living room, and Mayze is keeping out of her way. 
We've had some smashing sunsets over the last few days. As usual I rushed to the back of the church to take some snaps overlooking the river.

Love the reflections in the river. There are some houses which overlook this view, wish I could afford one, they are much more expensive than mine. Wouldn't it be lovely to be able to sit on a balcony and watch the sun go down.

Walking back up the street, I turned to see if it was still there, and it was.

Got lots to do this week, dog walks, dentist, and getting ready for the holiday, and cleaning house for the cat sitter. Rocky is by my side, tail wagging, he wants to go out, so I'll say toodle pip for now. Thanks for popping in.


  1. Ilona, I do not have a cat, but would love to get one. Hubby is not crazy about cats, so I think it's a done deal. He only likes them outside. Your sunset pictures are awesome, especially with the pink reflection in the river.

  2. Beautiful sunsets in your neck of the woods. Its just been cloudy here in Essex. I love Anthony Hopkins too. Looking forward to seeing the photos of the bag. Well done for finishing it xx

  3. Looking forwards to seeing the photos of your bag .

  4. I do agree that ag cat makes your home. A cat on a windowsill has always been my vision of peace and home.

  5. You take the absolute best pictures! I love to watch cats/kittens play. I'm allergic so can't own one but they are fun to watch.

  6. One of my friends used to be an actor. He went out for a meal with Omar Sharif once. Love the photos. Happiness is - cuddling my cat on my lap (made even better if I have an open fire). Natalie

  7. Hello.Beautiful photos ,Ilona,thank you for posting them.You may be on to something there when you mention that Heidi seems to be a lot happier without Mayze upsetting her.The less stress there is for her the better,the sweetie.I've been painting outdoor iron furniture with rust coat type paint and it's taking ages for things to dry due to our humid hot weather.Whew!I Several of our neighbours and ourselves are having the new neighbours four cats using our flower beds and vegetable gardens as their new litter boxes.What to do?On a cheerier note I met a lady walking her kitten on a leash,gosh, so cute!It's not as nature intended but it's her prerogative and she is doing what she thinks is best for her and her kitty.I also enjoy watching things online-lately finished viewing the "Grantchester"series.I thought it was good and hope for a season two.It sounds like you have sewn some lovely things again,busy bee.Have a good one,D.