Friday, 21 August 2015

Healthy nosh and family news

Hello I'll knock this post out before I go to bed. I made this meal yesterday for lunch, easy to do. A chopped onion and sliced mushrooms in a pan with a splash of oil. Chuck in some spices. When done top up with half a tin of baked beans and warm through, serve on a bed of tagliatelle. Washed down with a mug of coffee.  
Dinner tonight was salady stuff with a quarter of a quiche. In the pan chopped courgettes and mushrooms, cook in oil, with garlic powder and turmeric. My kind of simple dinner.

I picked up some strawberries yesterday while I was in town. They are a nice treat, served with single fresh cream. Never usually have strawberries, but the grapes were too dear.

This is an update on the pets. Heidi went to the vet today, she had another injection for her scabby face, and the results of her blood test was explained. Janet came along because she knows more about cats than I do, and she can explain some of the details to me. Heidi is anaemic, they are going to do another test to see if they can pinpoint what's causing it. She is eating and drinking ok, but I am keeping her indoors at the moment. I put the cat carrier on the floor in the living room when we got back and now she seems to like it as a bed. I might as well leave it there for her to sleep in. 
Bugsy the ginger tom is camped out in my bedroom, the old boy is still plodding on. He eats for England, always letting me know when he is hungry. If I am not around he comes looking for me and meeows like crazy until I give in and feed him. Most of his scoffing is done at night, there is always an empty bowl in the morning. Last night I was awoken by an 'orrible pong, he had done a whoopsie in the litter box :o(  Had to get up at 2am and move it.

Mayze dashes around everywhere. I can guarantee that as soon as I open the fridge door, or clatter a few pots about this whirlwind comes through the kitchen and launches herself at the front window sill, and yells at me to give her food. She is a darling.

Rocky is still managing short walks without the pushchair, we did three today. He is a bit slow but no sign of a limp. Here we are snuggled up on the sofa.

Cat rescue news, a new inmate has arrived, a young lady who is pregnant, with the birth due in about two weeks. The vet thinks there are three in there.

That's all the news from my little family for now. Have a nice weekend. Toodle pip


  1. You have a beautiful family xx

  2. I know you like You-Tube. Don't know if you have seen these, but here's a link to Simon's Cat. He came out with a new one. They are a fun little watch!

    1. Hi Judy. I love Simons cat, the latest one is funny. Cat's always lick their bum right in front of you when you are eating, ha ha.

  3. You do look very nice in your glasses! They suit you well. JanF

  4. Thank you so much for giving us the update on your furry family Ilona.
    We have been wondering how Heidi is at the moment.
    Fingers crossed for further improvement.
    Super pic of you and Mr. Rocky
    Wendy (Wales)

  5. You are doing all you can for Heidi, Ilona. You are a good and responsible pet owner. Using your money wisely once again. Fingers crossed she does well, she is a beauty!
    Love the look of that lunch too, I think it is an idea I will borrow- jazzed up baked beans. Delicious, easy, cheap AND healthy! What could possibly be better? JanF

  6. Glad to hear that Heidi is eating and drinking OK. I am thinking about her.

    I'm sure that sweet Rocky is enjoying his walks.

  7. I'm keeping a good thought for Heidi!

  8. Good to know you and the animals are getting along so well. I do hope the vet gets to the bottom of Heidi's problem. Enjoy your weekend.

  9. Enjoy your weekend with your furry family.

  10. Sending positive thoughts to Heidi and hope she gets better soon. Always such a worrying time when much.loved pets are ill. Thinking of you. Kristel

  11. Thanks for the update on your lovely family! Yesterday's lunch looks good.

  12. What a sweet little family:) just my type:)

  13. Cats are renown for choosing their carers / owners as wise as they are(chose well:)!

  14. Hi.I have been away from the computer the last few days,so am catching up now.Heidi is getting excellent care and her crate is a good thing right now.I find that when animals are not well they like the security a crate or covered bed area gives.It seems to soothe and gives them the space they need away from the lively critters.I hope she is on the mend soon,the little sweetie.You have a beautiful (furry)family and your home is a haven.Those two in the morning wake-ups are not fun and I too have had some wafting "oh-ohs"this week due to a change in food for Sadie.We have since put her back on the kind that doesn't give her the trots.Geesh!Love your photos and the one of you and Rocky is so heartwarming.Your meals always seem so satisfying,healthy and inexpensive.I like your innovation there,yum.Bye for now,D.