Saturday, 22 August 2015

The bag of many colours

Hello peoples, there's thunder in the air on this hot and humid night. The last dog walk is done and we are snug indoors. It's been a sweltering day. I ventured into the garden for about an hour, to tidy up and have a firkle in the potato beds. The weeks spuds are washed and ready. It was too darn hot to stay out any longer. All week I have been sewing, this is what I've been doing. I'm making a bag. 
First off get a piece of hessian type sackcloth, fold it in half so it's double thickness, I don't want a floppy bag. Then cut strips of colourful fabric and machine them on, starting at the bottom. Right sides facing then fold it over and iron. Carry on with the next piece of fabric the same way until the whole piece is covered. Doesn't matter about the edges being uneven, they will be trimmed. 

This is one side almost finished. I have cross stitched all the seams, and put random embellishments on with more cross stitching. I have put two darts on the top edge to bring it in a bit. 

This is the back of it which will be covered by the lining.

Next I cut a piece of red cotton fabric from a bed sheet I got from a charity shop, especially for the purpose of lining bags. I pinned them together and machined them leaving the top edge open. Then I turned it the right way and ironed it. I am making the front and back of the bag separately, then the two pieces will be hand sewn together because it will be too thick to go through the machine. That's the front completed, more on this later. 
Hey, how do you like my new shirt, super isn't it. I was in the Age UK charity shop yesterday, everything £1, and I couldn't resist this shirt. It's 100% cotton and brand new. Aha, another cushion cover I thought, sort of matching the others I have made with stripey shirts. I've got plenty of stuffing to make the cushion. 
An amazing bargain, why bother going to a real shop when prices are this cheap.

My dinner tonight, steamed potatoes, carrots, onions, peas, and spinach, with a quarter slice of quiche. A couple of dollops of tartar sauce went down well with this. I am stuffed.

Thanks for popping in, glad you could make it. Have a nice Sunday. Toodle pip


  1. Sounds like you have had a good weekend so far. Very hot and sticky here too and there must be a storm brewing 'cos my Goldie (who is the biggest wuss going) has just crept upstairs to my bedroom. He only comes up when he is scared so he is now tucked up in his bed in the corner of the room.

  2. Love the new shirt, what a bargain! Wow it was super hot today wasn't it, it was about 30 in Essex. The bags lovely, so colourful. Have a lovely day tomorrow. I think its going to be another hot one. Tara x

  3. I like your new shirt op shopping is good here too and so good that we can help others and the planet while having some retail therapy. Spring is just starting here we've had some warm sunny days and some lovely rain today. AussieCheryl : )

  4. I tried to comment yesterday but the verification thing wouldn't let me - It was good to hear about the pussy cats progress. Both the bag and shirt are lovely. Natalie

  5. We're up on Edinburgh to have a look around the Fringe Festival and it's pleasantly cool here. Torrential rain in Peebles last night though and we were out with no coats because it was so pleasantly warm .... haha

  6. I love the bag it's just gorgeous :-)

  7. Love the way you have embellished the bag. Jane x

  8. Love that shirt and bag! I think £1 is about right for charity shops but all my local ones are quite expensive.

  9. Hello,Ilona. The bag is very pretty,love the stitchwork embellishments you've done,thank you for the instructions too.That charcoal stripe fabric on the shirt is quite nice and a good price.Our thrift stores here are getting pricier and their stock isn't moving very quickly.People are getting more discerning about how they shop the charity shops now too.Canada is in a recession slump and retail is feeling the brunt of it.There are a lot of empty stores in the local nearby towns.I was in Trenton yesterday and they had a waterfront festival with music,crafts,local farmer's market etc.Beautiful summer weather for it all but strangely not many visitors.I felt a pang for all the people involved,it must have been very disappointing for them.Your meal looks delicious and simple.I made a huge pot of zucchini medley yesterday so it's that again with pasta today.Nice to have it ready to heat up.Bye again,D.