Monday, 28 September 2015

She's a poet, and she knows it.

Hello and good morning on this sunny start to the day. Something has dropped into my email box which is so fandabidozi brilliant it deserves a blog post all of it's own. We have a lot of talented readers out there, and creative talent takes many forms. Don't worry if you are not an expert on sewing, knitting, embroidery, quilting, dressmaking, soft furnishings, cookery, baking, painting, flower arranging, or whatever, try your hand at something else. How about creativity using words.

Joan from Wales has been doodling with words, and come up with a great poem. She regularly writes poems for her granddaughter, now she has written one for me. Have a butchers at this.

 Ilona is the Mean Queen
Of Life After Money blog fame.
She is a unique character,
Who puts us all to shame.

She has wide and varied interests,
Boredom she does not know.
Rarely planned, she tackles life,
Going with the flow.

Trekking all over the country,
In sunshine, wind and rain.
It doesn't matter if she misses a sight,
She'll be back to see it, again.

Modern art is a favourite hobby,
A talent which comes from within.
Creating a one-off masterpiece,
With bits and bobs from her bin.

Her meals are truly legendary,
With never two plates filled the same.
She'll add this, with a  pinch of that,
Treating it more like a game.

Her imagination knows no bounds,
On recycling things from her store.
Full of ideas, she'll let you know,
What you can do with a door.

Compassionate and caring,
Ilona has friends by the ton.
Not only humans in blogland,
But all animals under the sun.

Her cats think she's the bees knees,
When she caters for every whim.
And as for her pet dog, Rocky,
He's thankful she looks after him.

I would like to be more like Ilona,
With her spirit, energy and zest.
Then when I'm done, I'll know for sure,
That I've done my absolute best.

Aint she clever? Thanks Joan, I love it.
Off to Crafty Club now, catch up soon. Toodle pip


  1. What a fantastic poem. Joan you have a great talent for writing! Debbie

  2. Very clever indeed, a rare talent these days.

  3. What a nice poem Joan and so true.

  4. Clever lady is Joan and she describes you exactly

  5. That is wonderful, what talent and she describes you perfectly.
    Pam in TX xx

  6. She surely captured the essence of Ilona!

  7. What a cool poem! Love it.
    Martha from Kansas

  8. Hello.I think all the comments say it all!A very talented poet.Thanks for sharing it Ilona.Have a good one.Warmest regards,D.

  9. hw lovely of her to put in all your many interests and talents- that takes skill

  10. Thank you all for your generous comments. We all know that Ilona is truly inspiring, and it was her summerhouse of doors that inspired me to take one step up from writing poems/stories about Superheroes and other things for my grand-daughter, to paying a tribute to Ilona.

    Joan (Wales)

  11. True words indeed Joan, such a great poem.

  12. Brilliant poem and such a lovely tribute. Kristel

  13. Perfectly written and perfectly you. X


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