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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

A crafty treat

Hiya. Cold and damp outside, so better off indoors today. Yesterday was the Crafty Club as usual, and this time I did take my camera, just in case there was anything of interest to photograph. Luckily Carol brought our Christmas Tree again, because some people haven't seen it. So here is a picture. All made with the snooker table green baize, hasn't she done a great job. It will be floor standing and she has a cardboard tube to slip over the metal stand, which will be covered in fabric. Everything hanging on it will be hand made, someone has made the sparkly garlands draped over it here. 

Now here is a treat, Crafty Janet brought in this wall hanging she is working on, I think you will agree her stitchery is simply stunning. She took the elements from a magazine and adapted them to her own design. She has incorporated a good mix of fabrics from cottons to satin, and the black borders are felt. The colours are just perfect for this design. Janet is often self critical of her work, and I can never understand why, I can never fault it. 

This picture shows the tacking stitches holding the layers together. 

The effort she puts into the detail is commendable. Janet, your work is amazing.

If this has whetted your appetite for textile art, take a look at the latest post by Brenda in the Borough, on her blog. She has made two small quilts A4 size, using thread and coloured pencils. Her designs are fabulous.  
Here is my simple crafty offering for today, I found this heart design in a book, and using the template I made my own version with colours of my choice. Not my favourite heart shape, I prefer something more chubby and rounded. The stitching in the book was back stitch, I like chain stitch better. The back is plain, I wonder if it would be better with some couching to outline the shape around the edge, maybe I will do that.  

I hope the crafty posts inspire someone to get their needlework box out of the cupboard and make a few decorative pieces for Christmas.

It's stopped raining so it's time to take the pooch for walkies. Thanks for popping in.
Toodle pip


  1. Lovely work by your friends and your heart is lovely too. Such neat chain stitching Ilona.

  2. Love the heart! I'm just knitting some of the chubby, rounded ones to use as 'indestructable' christmas decorations. Your friends fabric work is wonderful. X

  3. High calibre work by everyone. Natalie

  4. Hi Ilona, thank you for the link. Can I just say Middlesbrough- isn't Middlesborough as everyone thinks it is. When the town was founded , the sign writer made a mistake and it became Middlesbrough instead. So I say Brenda in the Boro just to be awkward hehe!

  5. Gorgeous work and photos. I hope you will leave your heart as it is, it is simple and lovely. An understated look which is charming. JanF

  6. Lovely work by you and Janet. I still have " stitch envy" when I look at Janet's pictures, ha ha. Never seen any stitching neater !

  7. Wow the craft work on your chum's Christmas hanging is absolutely wonderful, I especially like the three kings (the three wise men), they are very important figures here in Spain because when they come the children get their gifts... on the 6th January ... they don't get Santa at Christmas here... unless they have been watching too many American movies and can persuade their parents to give them gifts on Christmas day! It makes Christmas itself much calmer than in the UK... and it doesn't feel quite so commercial. I think the hand made elements help to tone down the over commercialisation of Christmas. Keep up the good work.

  8. I absolutely LOVE all the craft you post, but if it's Christmas themed then I am super in love with the creations..I admire the talent and patience and creativity involved...would love to be even half as talented!

  9. Beautiful work and am really looking foward to seeing the decorated tree. You are an amazing group of inspirational women. Kristel

  10. The hearts are gorgeous and I really love the Christmas tree. Xx

  11. From Margie in Toronto - you are all so talented! That wall hanging is just amazing with all the detail she has included. I've never been very crafty myself - I see the design in my mind and friends all come to me for decorating and wardrobe coordinating tips but I can't draw a straight line without a ruler!

    My sisters are crafty and my stepmom is a quilter so I understand and appreciate all the effort that you put into your work - love to see all the pictures of your projects.

  12. Hi.So much talent and creativity being done by all the crafty ladies,quite inspiring with beautiful results.I like your chainstitched heart very much-lovely work there,Ilona.Thank you for sharing,D.


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