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Saturday, 10 October 2015

A good swap

Hello. I've had a super Saturday . Didn't go anywhere, just stayed around the village and found things to do at home. This morning me and Rocky had a walk to Janet's house to deliver the pet quilts. She is hopefully going to sell them tomorrow at a car boot sale that she goes to with Sue. The kettle was on so we sat in the posh room and had a natter over a cup of coffee. Then I picked up the Times newspapers from Irene who lives in the same street. 
My next door neighbour has had a lad in to weed the front borders around the lawn on the front. The trouble is that he has removed clumps of earth as well as the weeds, which has left deep furrows in it. They like to plant flowers in their borders, the lack of soil is going to make that difficult. Then I had an idea, I have plenty spare compost in my raised beds, which I don't need. Simple, fill up their holes with it. I got my wheel barrow out and loaded it up with plastic boxes of compost, and filled all the borders in. That's brought it up to the level of the lawn in the middle, and the pavement at the front. Job done. I see they have planted it up with wallflowers, it should be a good show. For my reward I got three fleecy sweatshirts, Jane was sorting her wardrobe out and they were surplus to requirements. I gratefully accepted them, and thought it was a good swap. 
This is Heidi's favourite spot when the sun is out. She always has been a climber, usually getting onto the roof of the summerhouse. I sit inside and she peeps through the window at me. 
Mayze in her usual spot sunning herself on the wooden shelves at the side of the garage.

 Lunch today was a portion of veg stew out of the freezer, couldn't be bothered to cook. I had an early dinner and made an omelette with mushrooms, chickpeas, and spinach. It was almost as big as the plate so I didn't need much to go with it. It was lovely, I put garlic powder and coriander in it, very tasty. I always finish it off under the grill so it stays in one piece, rather than trying to flip it over. I took this meal out into the summerhouse and ate it there, then sat and read the papers. It's been a lovely day again.

On the sewing front, I've finished another string of small felt hearts, and made two fabric bags. There is only a small piece of this material left now, I've got such a lot out of a £1 set of curtains from the charity shop.

Right, that's me done, chill out time now. I'll have a look what's on the free tele. Enjoy your Sunday.
Toodle pip


  1. Cats are great aren't they? I could cat watch all day as they can be so amusing. Your omelette looks delicious. I know they should be simple to make but for some reason mine always turn out looking rubbish - more like a heap of mush! Taste not too bad though.

  2. We had the same meal today but ours had bacon, potatoes, mushrooms and cheese and husband (who does most of the cooking, bless him) starts it off on the stove and then bakes it in the oven. It was fantastic with sweet corn on the side.
    I must make some more bags. Yesterday we had a tootle out to Eastleigh and bought a cyclamen in the market complete with bag. We then popped into Sainsbury's 'for a couple of things', bagless. Well I refused to buy one so we ended up tipping out the cyclamen and jamming all the other shopping into the little market bag. The checkout girl said she has seen some pretty unusual bags coming out and she thought it was hilarious.

  3. Ilona you should be commended for your thoughtfulness in helping when you see something that needs doing. You are a good woman. Love the cat photos. Cats are so cute how they like to lie in things. Very sweet family you have indeed .

  4. The cats look like they are thoroughly enjoying themselves. So contented, aren't they? The omelette looks delicious. It actually looks like a pizza. You are very industrious and energetic. No doubt a healthy diet and lots of exercise helps a lot.

  5. it looks wonderful, the omelette does!
    so good of you to swap out, and all gain from it.
    it sounds like a lovely village you live in!
    home is the best place of all.

  6. Hi Ilona, just remembered to mention that if you have any more cat protection stalls/Autumn/ Christ,as fayres coming up if i were you i would make extra shopping bags as i think they could become very popular as now the new rule of being charged for every bag in the supermarkets/big stores has been brought in, just a thought.
    enjoy the rest of your weekend, take care jane xxx

  7. Hello.There's such a sphinx-like quality to Heidi in that photo,and Miss Mayze basking in the sun.Such sweet girls.That swap with the compost for fleecy sweatshirts turned out with a pleasing end for everyone.Your neighbourhood sounds like a very good one to live in.I made a frittata with spinach ,peppers,tomatoes and cheese just the other day.,also served it with baked beans,rice pilaf to make it more filling.OH,Rocky looks a little bit unimpressed in the photo,haha.Very nice handy bags,Ilona.warmest regards,D.


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