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Friday, 9 October 2015

Flower Power

Hello. Someone asked about making felt flowers, well here you are, your wish is my command. In fact you can make felt anything, just find the picture you want to copy in a book or magazine, draw around the outline onto greaseproof or baking paper, and make a template out of cardboard, which I have done here. 
The bits I need are a back and front for the flower, a smaller flower shape to add to the front, and  spot of a different colour. A loop is needed to hang it, I have some gold coloured elastic. You could use ribbon or wool, or you could sew a clasp onto the back and make a pretty lapel badge. 
First add your embellishments to the large flower shape, incorporating the smaller flower and the spot. I have used an assortment of small beads. You can use sequins, buttons, lace, ribbon, anything you like. When you are happy with the result you next sew the front to the back.

First attach the loop to the back, with a couple of stitches, in the same thread you are going to use for the edging, taking care not to go through to the outside..

Then start your blanket stitch to the left of the hoop. You need to stick your needle through the actual loop to secure it, or it will pull out. I am using a matching thread, you could use a contrasting thread but your stitches need to be perfect. If you prefer, you could do a running stitch close to the edge.

Carry on all the way around the edge, holding the two pieces close together between your finger and thumb to ensure that they match up exactly. 
When you are coming towards the loop, stop when you have a small opening to insert the stuffing. You may not want to stuff it, you can carry on and leave it flat. Put a couple of stitches through the loop at the end, to secure it, then make a neat finish and cut the thread.

I've made three flowers now. They would look nice on a Christmas tree, or just hung anywhere. Another idea is to not stuff them and put some wire stalks into them so they can stand in a vase as a bunch. It would be easy to make some leaves to go with them.

Anyone else having a go? Look through magazines for ideas. I fancy making some bells next, or maybe an angel or two.

It's sunny today. I'm off outside. The weekend is looming, whatever you are doing, enjoy it. Catch you soon.
Toodle pip


  1. Very nice, bright and cheerful and suitable for different decorations. Could also become brooches with a pin sewn at the back. Nice on Ilona.

  2. Comment should read "nice one". Not nice on !!

  3. They are lovely. You are so good at fiddly jobs! Those beads would end up on the floor with me.

  4. They are just beautiful, your handwork is lovely.

  5. These are gorgeous. You really should start selling your crafts. Kristel

  6. I love these, you are clever. Like Sue says they'd be great worn as brooches or even a necklace. x

  7. HI.The flowers are lovely,pretty with the embellishments and could be used in many different ways as some suggest.Easy to follow instructions, kindly shared by you,make this a great rainy/snowy day project ,good for beginners too.We've been away from the computer having a very nice family Thanksgiving holiday long weekend here catching up with loved ones.Bye for now,D.


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