Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Bag a cheap meal

Hello. If I was working in a sweatshop on the other side of the world I might have been paid 3p each for making these, and I would have probably been expected to churn out at least 100 in my 15 hour shift. My house is not hot, no heating on yet, and I made only eight shopping bags today. I upcycled, silly word, I cut up a very large curtain that I got from the Scrapstore for £1 and turned it into eight bags. These will be sold hopefully on the stall at the Christmas Fair. 

I also did three dog walks and trimmed my Leylandi hedge on the neighbours side, so I have been quite busy today. 
Yesterdays dinner was half a bag of  fresh egg noodles, reduced sticker 30p, cooked with a veggie burger which has broken up in the pan, served with broccoli 39p from Aldi. Total cost, 15p + 13p + 25p = 53p. 
Today's dinner was similar. Tagliatelle, which was 60p on a reduced sticker for a double pack, three portions in each bag, with broccoli, peas and sweetcorn. Cost 10p + 13p + 25p = 48p, and a splodge of Mayo from a 20p bottle = 2p. Total cost 50p.

I felt a bit sorry for Bugsy, always alone upstairs, so I have been fetching him down and having him on my knee while I watch a bit of catch up TV. He generally goes back upstairs at some point during the night when we are all in bed. I didn't have to fetch him last night, he came down of his own accord. I left him on the office chair that I usually sit on, when we went to bed, he was still there this morning. I think he must have got a bit confused when he woke up and wanted a pee, the litter boxes are upstairs. There was a puddle on the desk which had run off the edge and onto the floor. Oh dear. Never mind, I remember waking up in the night when I was a little girl and peeing in the wardrobe. It's easily done when you are half asleep. I have brought a litter box down and shown him where it is. Let's hope there are no more accidents.

Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip


  1. I've read somewhere that due to all the miles our "fresh" veg travels it might be better if we ate frozen veg as it is quick frozen while the vitamins are still in it? You don't buy yours until its yellow -stickered. I wonder how much goodness is in that. Gone are the days of our childhood when we only had stuff that was in season. We had some fresh yellow cobbler fish from Sainsbury's which was delicious. I looked it up to see where it came from and was horrified to find it was from the dirty river deltas in Vietnam. I won't be getting any more. ha. oh, and today I bought a lovely Melton Mowbray pork pie.......baked in Yorkshire...huh ?!

    1. Hi. Not all veg I buy is yellow stickered. The broccoli above was a special from Aldi for 39p. I eat a mixture of fresh and frozen, and generally try and stick to British produce in season. Some veg doesn't freeze well. I don't buy frozen sprouts, broccoli, or cauliflower. I will buy peas, beans, and sweetcorn.

      It is inevitable that veg will travel. I will buy produce from Ireland, Scotland, and sometimes Holland, but any that comes from further afield would have to have a reduced yellow sticker on it. I would buy that because, it is cheap, and it is destined for the bin if it doesn't get sold.

      I don't base my entire diet on yellow stickers, though it may seem like that at times, ha ha. I have a good mix of everything but no meat or fish. To ascertain if someones diet is nutritious or not you need to record everything they eat. I only post a few of my meals.

      Enjoy your pork pie, there's no way I would eat one, having worked in a factory that made pork products. And as for sausages, black pudding, steak and kidney pies, YUK, horrible.

    2. Hi, you would like our local veg shop .He only buys class 1 stuff. A lot of his veg comes from Melbourne ( down the road) not Australia, ha ha. Family business ,been there donkey's years. I don't eat much meat now. Gone off,specially chicken. My pork pie was nice. It had jelly in it. A lot don't now. I don't eat sausages,black pud, kidney,liver, burgers yuk. I agree. My weakness is bacon cobs !

  2. Good work on the sewing! I hope they sell like hot cakes! JanF

  3. Great bags as always. And fab cheap meals.

  4. Hello.The cheery Christmassy bags look very roomy and nice,Ilona.I like the happy smiling photo.We broke down and turned on the furnace this week due to the very cold damp weather that we've had.Our firewood will be coming this week.Getting ready for old man winter here.Sweet old Bugsy is so lucky to have you watch over him.I've been making lots of vegetable soup and filling inexpensive casseroles lately.By the way, we now have a new Liberal government here in Canada with quite the charismatic Prime Minister that everyone is fussing over.I did not vote for him but am keeping an open mind....Thank you for sharing,bye for now,D.

  5. Hi there

    I have stumbled across your blog somehow and find you and your lifestyle interesting and fascinating it's a joy to read. I never eat anything processed and yesterday spent the day rendering beef fat to make pastry for my own pork pie. The jelly and filling comes from homemade stock from an outdoor reared organic pig From Devon. I am a complete foodie but try to buy foods in season and from Britain if possible. Best wishes Wendy

  6. I have tried to keep my heating off for as long as I can but have had to give in as we do not have an airing cupboard. My mother drummed it into us that all our clothes should be aired properly and not be put on damp. I have often wondered how you manage to keep you home from becoming damp with mildew etc. Looking at my hygrometer we have 70% humidity today. Is this a problem for you?