Saturday, 24 October 2015

Simple sewing project for you to try

Hello from a damp and chilly North Lincolnshire. Rocky came with me to pick up the papers from Irene's this morning. Time to get his raincoat out again. Doesn't he just look like the bees knees in his recycled umbrella. Don't tell him it's home made, he thinks he is dead posh. I think I'll make a little rain hood to go with it. Perhaps when the weather gets very wet he will need some wellie boots. 
I've finished the mini felt bunting I was making. Each one is three inches wide, and double thickness. If you are going to have a go you could make them single thickness. I preferred to make them double, so the stitching is covered up on the back. Not a very good photo, the light was not so good today.

I found some gold ribbon in my bit box which was ideal to match the gold sequins. Fold it in half lengthways and iron, and sandwich the flags in between and pin They are spaced one inch apart and machined onto the ribbon. They could be hand sewn on if you didn't have a machine. Leave about twelve inches at both ends to tie them up.

I used purple embroidery thread, three strands, with a blanket stitch to edge them.

They are so easy to make. You could make multi coloured ones to decorate a tree. You could make them smaller if you have a small tree. You could sew beads or buttons on them if you don't have sequins. Green and red is Christmassy, but any colour is nice for all the year round use. Are you going to have a go, still two months to get them made before Christmas.

Don't forget to put your clocks back one hour tonight, an extra hour in bed. I shall probably get up an hour earlier, if I am fully awake I like to get up. Don't like to waste any daylight hours in the winter, they are too precious.

Have a nice Sunday. Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip


  1. I had to chuckle about the wellies for Rocky. My dad bought a set of 'booties' for his ol' hunting dog. Her feet were taking a beating in the rough cover she was having to wade through to pick up birds. He put the 'booties' on and when she walked she would raise each foot up and over her back with each step she took. She was a sight! She was quite proud of herself when she figured out how to get them off and proceeded to loss all four of them in the brush.

  2. Hi Ilona,
    Good job you went on your walk yesterday ! Raining here all day till blooming tea time then the sun came for a very short while.Love the little bunting.Your stitching is nearly as good as Janet's,he he (cheek) Little Rocky looks a bit tired, bless him. As for the clocks going back.... We went for an early showing of the new James Bond film (2012 ) "Skyfall"on the Sunday morning. Yes you've guessed, we were an hour early. The staff were hoovering up and getting ready. It gave them all a good laugh and the word had got round when we went back. We slunk off to Sainsbury's next door for a coffee and to kill time. Even had to wait for their coffee shop to open.!

  3. hi Ilona, on my cycle ride today, I saw a family with a little pug and it was wearing socks on its front paws - looked like tiny childrens socks- quite jazzy. I got a bit wet as the rain started nearly at the predicted time. Fortunately, I had my wet weather gear with me including a helmet cover. I put my lights on too for safety. happy stitching

  4. Rocky is a proper little gent in his posh coat. I am sure it will keep him cosy.
    Your bunting looks very festive. Top marks for your very neat blanket stitching Ilona.

  5. Rocky's sweet face gets me every time. A little hat would be perfect. Don't forget the little slits for his ears to go through. haha. Did Rocky want you to tie the pretty Christmas bunting on his little stroller?

  6. I love Rocky's raincoat. He really looks handsome.

  7. Little Rocky has put a smile on my face this morning, he looks so lovely and innocent in his red coat, I could just see him in wellies, only for the picture of course. The bunting is brilliant, amazing what you make from odds and ends.
    Have a good weekend

  8. Rocky looks very smart, great bunting !!

  9. I love Rocky's little coat - I wanted to make one for a friend's dog - is it your own design? and your bunting is so cute - your stitching is always so neat and spaced perfectly :)

  10. Recycled umbrella? Only you, Ilona! Wouldn't it be great to have a contest of what folks could make with old broken brollies?
    It looks terrific by the way!

  11. Rocky looks great. Can you get wellies for dogs? x

  12. Hi.Quite a dashing dawg,your Rocky... in his dapper red raincoat.He's a sweetie.The bunting is very pretty and colourful,I like it very much.Nice work!Sadie and I met two very large and handsome great danes on our walk yesterday.Gorgeous well behaved dogs but the pooper scooping....yikes! We've had a beautiful,autumn day here and now am sitting by the fire.Bye for now,D.


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