Thursday, 1 October 2015

The bills I don't mind getting

Hello and good evening. Another nice day, aren't we lucky with the weather. My lunch today was spaghetti hoops and scrambled eggs on toast. As you can see from the picture I ate it at my work station. This is the dining table at the back of the room overlooking the back garden. I also have a work station at the front looking out onto the street, where I can be nosy and watch people coming and going. I made a small Christmas tree decoration today. 
Here are the pieces I cut out of green and red felt, with a white piece of stiffener to put in the middle. This is a trial to see how it works out. It was a bit fiddly to sew the tree onto the tubs, what I should have done was to give the tree a trunk to fit inside the tub. I will do that next time. The green felt is from a snooker table which was recovered. It's stronger and thicker than normal felt. 
And the end result is this. It's 3.5 inches tall, and has a loop on the top for hanging.

The white snakey bits are sparkly, they have crystals in them, don't know where I got it from. It's in a long length which can be cut into shorter pieces. I'm chuffed with this, I'll make some more.

My gas and electricity bills landed on the door mat today, I was expecting them. These are the bills I don't mind getting because I can choose how much I want to spend on them. I emailed the meter readings on the 25th and they said the bill would be coming early October. The period covered is from the 8th of July to the 25th of September. It's nice to get really low bills over the summer period. Electricity is for £38.41, which will go up over the winter when the lights go on a bit earlier. I just have to be more careful switching things off when not in use. Gas bill is for £5.84, no heating has been used since the spring, and won't be put on until it gets a lot colder. I pay a small amount for cooking with gas, and heating a tank of water when I have a bath. All other times I wash my body in cold water.

I have been writing a frugal diary for Down the Lane forum during September. Take a look if you are interested. It's like a shorter version of what I write here. Writing things down helps me to keep track of my money. I looked back at my bank statements from ten years ago. I was in dire straights in December 2005, but through my careful spending and penny pinching I am in a much better place. Being careful is second nature now, I don't even think about it. I automatically search out the best bargains, automatically separate the wants from the needs, and automatically walk past shops without giving them a second glance. It's a good place to be.

Thank you for popping in. Catch you soon. Toodle pip.


  1. I really like your Christmas trees. Especially the sparkly bits. I have been making pine cone imps. Really cute. Crochet hats and scarves. You could easily make the hats from felt and knit a little scarf instead. Its a free pattern from Annaboo's house blog. The pine cones were free, out of the park. The only things I bought were some wooden balls for the heads. Bet they would sell well for your cat charity.

  2. The Christmas trees are vey cute!

    I enjoyed your diary from Down the Lane. Nice to see the whole month in one place. Your electric cost always amazes me that it is so low.

    I'm feeling a bit low tonight because we have had yet another tragedy here in the U.S. I must start a project to put my mind in a better place.

    1. Heard the news this morning when I woke. So sorry, thinking of you and the families involved. More pointless deaths caused by guns. Take care. Laura

  3. The Christmas trees are so cute. You always amaze me with your creative ideas using recycled materials. Well done.

  4. Hi.The link looks interesting.Thank you.Lovely tree ornaments with the beadwork-very neatly done,I think. You are proof that being careful and having financial goals and determination works.Your inspiring blog and your authentic lifestyle may not suit everyone,but many can benefit in some way and learn some good coping skills and tips from you. Your bill payments STILL astound me,Your a tougher bird than I-tee-hee.Bye again,D.

  5. I'll take a look at down the lane it sounds interesting.

  6. Your description of the front window workstation reminded me of Miss Mapp ;)

  7. Love the tree!
    I'm glad that you are in a better place financially now. While I may not be as extreme in saving money ( I do like a warm shower) I do admire you, and I get ideas for ways to save money from reading your blog. Thank you.

  8. Hi, the tree is great. Very thrifty too although I'm imagining a snooker table with tree shapes cut out hee hee. Are you making them for yourself or are you going to sell them? Well done on your blog, you're very inspiring. Laura

  9. Great to hear you are in a better financial place; has anything major changed since 2005 - is there anything you bought then which you don't now (or vice-versa) or have you always been frugal?

    Your blog is an entertaining read as ever!

  10. 66? You cant take it with u

  11. Your Christmas tree is beautiful.

  12. Your X-mas tree is getting me in the mood for the festive season already, lol!
    I`m the same as you when it comes to bills. Didn`t mind the last letter the water board had sent as we are in line for a lovely re-fund of £55. We had used much less water than they first estimated. The cheque will soon be in the post. Every little saving is a blessing to us. I also ordered a water saving devise for my toilet cistern, so the next bill should even be lower than the last. The clever gadget is available free from the water board. It`s a gel filled pack you hang into the cistern. It swells up as it soaks up some water, expands and makes you use less water at each flush. I`m glad I ordered it just after the last letter arrived. It`s already installed and does the job!

  13. My sweet pets are my biggest expense but I don't mind:) I love reading your smart blog:)

  14. I lost you for a bit,,, but found you again,, the ornament is lovely and I have made some quite similar,, yours is much fancier!! You are such an inspiration,, I thank you for that!!


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