Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Something's going on underground

Hello. While out on our morning stroll through the churchyard we were greeted with an abundance of freshly dug molehills. Rocky loves to sniff these. One or two have appeared over the last week, and the soil has been moved away, but look at it now, there are a lot more. Mr Mole has been very busy. 
The mole has been digging among the memorial plaques. By the look of the position of the loose soil it must have found it's way blocked and has come up to the surface in between them. Oh dear.

I don't know much about moles so I've been looking at some yooootooob videos. They are cute little furry creatures, and they lead solitary lives. There are a lot of videos on how to trap them, and sadly it seems the norm to kill them. I expect someone will call a pest controller soon to deal with ours, personally I would just leave it alone. What's a few mounds of earth, and a few underground burrows, it isn't hurting anyone. People should watch where they walk. Rocky says, leave Mr Mole alone, and so do I. He will move on when he is ready.

Remember when I did a post about pollarding the trees in the churchyard? This is how they look now, lots of bushy short branches and the leaves are starting to go brown and fall off. I had a surprise when I checked my emails today, someone had found my post about this while they were doing some research. They have some trees which need to be pollarded in their village and they asked if they could use my photo's to put the case before a committe to get their trees cut back. I am amazed at how people find my blog, when they are looking for all kinds of topics. I had another email from someone asking about the heavy haulage lorries I used to drive. I am chuffed that I can help with a broad range of subjects, not just frugal living and shopping and cooking and crafting. I like to write about allsorts.

I've been busy collecting bricks today. My friend had some she didn't want, and I found some in a skip. That's 50 more to add to my pile, 165 in total. Still more needed, but no rush. I'll find some before I start the job. keep looking in skips.

Hey, look at this. I've just turned round in my chair and seen this. Rocky was laid down there first, and Mayze has joined him. These two are the best of pals. I had to put another cushion down, because Bugsy has decided that he wants Rocky's cushion. Aaaah, sweet.

I'm off now, want to watch something on catch up. Thanks for popping in. See you soon. Toodle pip

I've just come back to add a PS here. There are some late comments coming in on the two previous posts, you might like to go back to them and catch up. Some smashing comments and interesting stories. 


  1. I get odd requests via my blog, such as the lady who wanted to hire me to lay laminate flooring in her house after I posted a joky account of getting it done. She was quite put out when I couldn't, kept offering more money, hilarious. Or the equally insistent lady who wanted me to help her with family genealogy, based on my screen name and wouldn't believe me when I explained that my screen name is from my cat, not my family!

  2. I'm with you on the moles - they've got to live somewhere!

  3. I hope no one notices the moles and lets them be. They do a good service in aerating the soil (I think).

  4. I'm with Rocky on this one - leave the moles alone! Debbie

  5. Since watching your last video, while I'm reading your stories, I can't help but 'hear' the words with your voice - can't get it out of my head haha

  6. From the size of those mounds, are you sure they aren't gophers?
    Sweet pic of Rocky and Mayze.

  7. Hello.I stand in alliance with Rocky(that very handsome noble boy :-) ! I am amazed at how good the trees look now they are filling up nicely.Your village photos are something I enjoy very much.Thank you.Bye for now,D.


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