Friday, 4 December 2015

Festival of Christmas Trees about to start

Hello. First job this morning was to go to the docs to see about this chuffin wart on my face. It's not that noticeable actually, so everyone tells me, but I don't like it, it's like a currant stuck on my cheek. Doc dabbed it with a bit more stuff to freeze it. He said see how it goes. That's the third visit I've had and it's still there. Think I'll paint it multicolours and make a feature of it, ha ha. 
After the docs, I hot footed it straight to the Old Brumby United Church in Ashby Road Scunthorpe, to see how my crafty friends were getting on putting up our hand made tree made from recycled materials. They had almost finished by the time I arrived, and the church was buzzing with people erecting their own  displays. This is our tree, made from a snooker table green baize, decorated with hand made baubles. Carol made the tree, she's made a good job of it. 

Under the tree are wrapped parcels, each one has a letter on it, reading CHAT & CRAFT.

While I was there I took a few more photo's, The church should be full with 80 + trees on display by the end of today, with the opening of the exhibition tomorrow morning. This one was there last year, it's the Lindsey Lodge Hospice tree. All the money collected will be donated to this charity.  
I like this tapestry hanging on a stone wall.

Some trees are decorated by children, I love the smiley faces on this one.

A local quilting group have decorated their tree with felt hearts and stars.

I thought this was a novel idea, baubles made with music manuscripts, by a local a choir. 
Exquisite detail in this wooden tree.

What about a tree decorated with cup cakes? There is a mixture of knitted cakes and real mince pies. 
This one brought a smile to my face, an upside down tree. It looks like it is inspired by Australia, with the koala's around the bottom, or is that the top. After a quick look round I noticed that most people have used conventional artificial trees, but a few are home made like ours.

If anyone is near enough to visit this Annual Festival of Christmas Trees, it's organised by the Rotary Club and is open on these dates. 5th, 6th, 11th, 12th & 13th of December. There is live music as well. So two weekends. Entrance is free, donations welcome in support of the hospice. Are there any more of these decorated tree festivals near you?

While I am talking about places to visit. Now is the time to head to Donna Nook on the Lincolnshire coastline not far from Mablethorpe. The seals come ashore onto the sand dunes to give birth. There are usually plenty to see, and you can get quite close to them. The area is fenced off, but a great opportunity for photo's. I've been twice now, it is a fantastic sight.

I have to get my stuff ready for the Christmas Fair tomorrow, so I'll say tatty byes and toodle pip. Thanks for popping in. I'll be back tomorrow with pics from the fair.


  1. All splendid! Natalie

  2. Banana skins are amazing on warts and work much better than that freezing stuff. You peel the skin off the banana and scrape a layer (about twice the thickness of a fingernail) from the inside of the skin using a butter knife. Put it on the wart and cover with a sticking plaster and make sure not to let it get wet. After 3 days take off the plaster. The wart will turn black and come off with no pain and fresh skin underneath. If the wart is large or stubborn it may not come off first time, but if you repeat the process with a fresh piece of peel straight away and leave for a further 3 days then it should come off after that. Have never known it not to work.

    1. I would love to hear from other people who have tried this! What a fabulously easy (and cheap) solution. You can still enjoy the banana too. Win/win. JanF

  3. Tell Carol that I think she did a fabulous job on the tree. Very clever. Lots of pretty ornaments. (Your embroidered hearts would make lovely ornaments.)

    All of the trees are nice. I must say that the upside down one is a bit weird for me, however.

    Good luck at the Christmas Fair. I think that your bags will sell well.

  4. Sooooooooo fun!! Thank you for taking the time to share this with us!! Brought a smile to my face. ~ Canuck

  5. The trees are wonderful and very creative. I hope you do very well, you certainly all worked hard and deserve to. JanF

  6. Scunthorpe, Mablethorpe, Old Brumby - you have such wonderful names for places "over there". Love it!

  7. Hello.All the trees are very unique and beautiful in their own way.The wooden one is so cool.Everyone did a fantastic job on their entries.I hope all goes well for your sales tomorrow at the fair.Looking forward to the photos,Ilona.Thank you again,D.

  8. Downunder tree - love it ! AussieCheryl

  9. I love the tapestry and the wooden tree is great! My favorite is the felt strip tree. My sister-in-law had an upside down tree for a couple of years. My brother thought it was funny. :) Thanks for letting us tag along to the Festival of the Trees.

  10. I went to Donna Nook a few days ago and I can thoroughly recommend it! But not for much more than an hour unless you have VERY good thermals.

  11. The trees look fabulous. Good luck with your stall today and hope you make loads of money for your rescue cats.

  12. I love the variation. Still hoping to collect enough driftwood to make a tree I'll have up all year round xx

  13. SNAP! my blog today has a Christmas tree festival on it too, but not one made of old baize - very clever

  14. I'm not a great one for Christmas but I do like a Christmas tree. Especially like the mauscript bauble.


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