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Thursday, 3 December 2015

Pop in when you're passing and nab a bargain

Hello. I've only gone and done it again, haven't I. Don't mean to brag, but if I go past a supermarket, a big one, or even a small one, at around 5 or 6pm I remember my mantra, it's worth a look. I had a vet appointment at 4.30pm  which meant I passed the door of the little Tesco in the next village on the way back at 5.30pm. It was worth a look. Total spend £1.65, full price £9.10p. Chuffin dead good, eh! That creamed spinach is normally £2.60p, a bonkers price when you can buy a bag of spinach for £1, (mine cost 33p on this occasion) add a bit of sauce to it, and bingo, make it yourself for a lot less money. I've got two loaves of granary bread for the freezer, and two bags of spuds. I'll be having microwaved spuds with a topping, that's sorted then. 
Heidi cat had an injection and I have some more tablets for her. They did the trick last time, so lets hope she picks up a bit. It's the same problem as before, she is tired, and not eating very much. It's looking like it's  something she has to learn to live with.

Tonights dinner is the usual veg stew, there is a portion for tomorrow. I've still got two bags of brussels sprouts left from last week, they keep well in the fridge. I did an Aldi shop this morning, I had to go to town to stock up on pet food. Rocky likes Earls tasty cuts and the Supreme Cuisine foils. I picked up a few essentials for me. Bananas, sultanas, natural yogurt, onions, walnuts, eggs, and bran flakes. I did the usual rounds of the discount stores, I needed some more Coffee Mate, £2.19 in Home Bargains.

As I was walking through the Precinct I saw this shop, looks like a posh fashion shop. In fact it is the Hospice Charity shop. It used to be at the top end of the town, now it has moved into bigger premises closer to the centre. There is another Hospice shop which sells more run of the mill stuff, I used to pop in there quite often and pick up a few bits and bobs. Since I have found the Age Uk shop with nearly everything £1, I go there instead. You know me, the cheaper the better.  

 Thank you for your food programme suggestions, I'll tell them at the BBC to have a read of it. I need to email them tomorrow.

It's very windy outside, but I'm going for a power walk. It takes 32 minutes to walk round the whole village. I'm on a mission to walk more, getting very lazy sat on my bum in front of this computer. I'll bid you good night and Toodle pip. Catch you soon.


  1. Hello.Am glad the vet visit went well re:Heidi.As you said,seems chronic.Thanks to you she will get the care she needs.Holey moley!Those are some very good bargains.I had a challenging morning today but did push myself to get out later on and actually went several blocks further with Sadie today.It's important to keep moving,yes?I hate feeling all squishy from inactivity :-)Thank you for sharing,D.

  2. Your regular habit of getting out in the fresh air for walks, reminds me of my "adopted" grandmother, when I was a teenager. She was short, and stout, but fit as a fiddle in her 80's. She lived alone, on a small widow's pension, but she was in excellent health. Her secret? She went for a walk every single day, unless she was too ill to get out of bed, which was almost unheard of. She lived in a town, and found reason enough to go out. I don't think she ever had a driver's licence. Sometimes she went out for groceries, sometimes bargains at the local discount store, sometimes to pay her utility bills. She dressed for the weather, including rain snow and sleet. I never saw her wear slacks, but she did have sensible winter boots, rain gear, and several different types of coats. She often ran errands for "the old people in her building" (as she called them). One day we found out that the old people were within 2 years of her own age. At 83 she was diagnosed with stomach cancer, had a surgery and recovered fully. Her down fall came after she fell and broke her hip, then developed pneumonia from being in bed. I have remembered her advice and example: keep moving. You make me think of her, Ilona. Mary Jane in Canada..

    1. Thank you for that story, Mary Jane. I often find inspiration from older people who refuse to sit around and wait for God to come and get them. I sometimes have an urge to just walk, I like to get up and go.

    2. My lovely neighbour Joan is 83. She too goes for a walk every day and thinks nothing of walking 4 or 5 miles each day. Rain, snow and evrything else do not deter her.

  3. I do hope, if the BBC do anything about you, that they take in the fact that your frugal living day to day allows you to go off for really interesting tours, which you share with us! I love your visits to places that wouldn't appear in TV programmes or glossy magazines but that have lovely views and interesting buildings.

  4. It's so funny - charity shops, such as our local hospice 'boutique - are going upmarket while shops All Dressed Up looks wonderful!
    Margaret P
    PS Fairly recent bargains in some upmarket charity shops have included a super Hobbs T-shirt for £4.50 and a lovely Jane Shilton leather bag for £12 and a Jaeger silk square for £7.

  5. Keep moving is a great mantra for any age and one I follow. Charity shops can have wonderful bargains.


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