Tuesday, 23 February 2016

The Enchanted Forest

Hello. I've had some emails asking to see my artworks, and although they are all on this blog they are scattered around so not easy to find. If you click on Crafty Stuff, or Arty Stuff on the side bar, it narrows it down a bit, but there is still a lot of clicking to find the posts you want. I thought I would make it a bit easier and make one or two videos, so I set the camera up on top of a small table on top of the ironing board, pointing at the picture. The only bit of me you see is my hand, as I talk you through it.

Please excuse the amateur narrative, I have no script, it's just off the top of my head. There are hesitations where I couldn't find the right words and forgot what comes next, but I think you will get the gist of it.

I call this picture The Enchanted Forest.

I did an interview last night at 10.20pm for BBC Ulster Radio, and I have to say it didn't go at all well. Vinny was the presenter, I had to listen very carefully to unravel his Irish accent, but I managed to answer his questions. Another one reading from a script. After a few minutes he brought in another contributor to the topic, an Irish woman who had her own views on how to shop for and feed a family. She sounded like she had her head in a bucket, it was echoey, and with her very Irish accent I could barely make out what she was saying. I picked up on her money saving tips which were in contradiction to my own, regarding food shopping. She says she gets a better deal by shopping at small independent shops. Vinny let her go on and on and on, and I was wondering was it all about her, and why did they bother to ring me.

Then it was my turn, so I was able to point out that shopping for a family was a different matter than shopping for a single person. I explained that I do shop around at the discount stores. Then he went completely off topic and started asking me about my lorry driving days. Why I do not know, then it all became a rush as he ran out of time and quickly terminated the interview. I felt as if I was pushed out of the door.

I won't put the link on, because I can't be bothered to listen to it myself. You are not missing anything if you can't be bothered to find it.

The interview I did tonight at 6pm was very much better. It was recorded for ABC Canberra Radio, Australia, so I'm not sure when it will go out. Philip the presenter said Good Morning to me, and I said Good Morning back, ha ha. His voice was clear and his questions were concise and easy to answer. I felt it went well. Not sure how I can listen to that back, maybe I can't unless they have the equivalent of our catch up channels.

I've just been snooping and found Phillip at ABC Canberra, he does a breakfast show. I'm going to be watching this in case I turn up there. Isn't the internet marvelous.

I'm going to pop off now, still got three miles to do, and it's 8pm. I have a free day tomorrow so I'll go and buy a phone, and I'll pick up a few items of food. I need bananas and eggs.

Thanks for popping in. Catch up soon. Toodle pip


  1. I don't know what it is about accents, but I can't understand anyone with an obvious one. I am English although I'm living in Wales at the moment and it is very embarrassing when someone speaks to me as I'm always asking them to repeat what they said. Mind you, when I was living in Devon and someone had a strong Devonshire accent I couldn't understand them either. Same with people on the television. I watched the first series of Shetland, but gave it up when I failed to understand what was going on.

    Joan (Wales)

  2. The Enchanted Forest. Good title and very imaginative! It looks clearer on YouTube full screen. I only wish I had the time..no, the focus to be as creative.

  3. Hi IIona,
    The enchanted forest is beautiful and so interesting to look at, love all the little details especially the butterflies and I learnt about the tomato purée tube the other day at a patchwork class. You are so imaginative and have a great way with colour.

    Sorry you did not enjoy your broadcast with the Ulster radio.

    Enjoy your week.
    Hazel c uk

  4. Wonderful video. I'm glad that you showed the close-ups at the end. You are SO creative. I'm glad that you explained about using the fabric as an inspiration. I think I recall you saying this on the blog but this made more sense.

    I hope that you find a link to the Australia interview.

  5. Hi Ilona
    Canberra is where I live when not travelling around, so glad you have been interviewed as I have been one of your followers for years.

  6. Love your art work. Perhaps an exhibition is in order? Also hoping to hear you interviewed on ABC Canberra.

  7. Love the art. Very beautiful. I did listen to your Ulster interview and thought it was very good and enjoyed hearing about your trucking days. Yes he is hot!

  8. Feeling so excited that I heard you on ABC radio this morning - puts a voice to the writing I've been reading all these years, thankyou

  9. Great video Ilona. Saw a piece like this in a shop in Whitby,nowhere near as good as yours and the price was £120!


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