Thursday, 11 February 2016

There's a bit more wear left in them yet.

Hello. It's a shame to throw things away when they can be repaired. These slipper boots were given to me, my friend was going to throw them out. I have no scruples about accepting freebies from friends. I've been wearing them around the house, they come up to my calves and keep my ankles toasty warm. Now they both have a hole in the bottom, but the rest of them are good for a while longer. I feel a mending job coming on.  
In my crafting store room I have some soft leather pieces, picked up from the Scrapstore. First I made a cardboard template, then cut two pieces of leather to make new soles. One side is in dark blue and has a shiny surface, the other side has a fabric backing and has a rough finish.

Stitch them on with some very strong string like thread.

Perfect, lots more wear in these.

Does anyone remember these granny slippers I bought from a charity shop a couple of years ago, or was it three? They are still going strong. Not very fashionable but who cares what they look like. They do the job of keeping my feet warm. 
I've had a little dog out for a walk today for the first time. Meet Poppy. My friend had to go for some tests at the hospital and she didn't know how long she would be away. I see them out most days, so Poppy knows me. Isn't she a sweetie. She is a happy little soul, wanting to stop and meet and greet everyone she sees.

I was nearly on the radio again today. I had a call from Radio 5 Live, they were doing a feature this morning on supermarket offers which confuse customers, so they couldn't work out which was the best buy. The practice is bent in favour of the supermarkets by making customers spend more than they intended to. The man asked me if I bought the buy two get one free type of offer, and would I be tempted to buy things just because they were on offer. I said I would buy them but only if they were something I normally buy, I don't buy things just because they are on offer. He arranged to ring me back at 10.30am.

About 20 mins later he rang back and said they wouldn't be needing me. I was a bit baffled because I was very clear about my thoughts on special offers. I tuned into the programme on my computer to listen to what they were saying. Then I got it, the reason they turned me down. The agenda was to have a go at supermarkets, accusing them of dodgy practices, deliberately confusing people so they spent more money. My answers to his questions didn't fit in with that. I said I ignore all the offers unless it was something I usually buy. I would not buy items just because they were on offer, and I would pass them by. What they really wanted was someone to slate the supermarkets, and I didn't do that, instead I put the onus on the customer to work it out for themselves and make the right decision.

I tend not to get too hung up on trying to unravel the mathematics of different pricing. Yes, I always try and get the best for my money, but if I make an error of judgement I think, oh well, swings and roundabouts. It's impossible to be 100% right all the time.

Talking of Supermarkets, I'm popping out to Aldi now. I need some dog food and a few bits and bobs. I'm not walking tonight because I am out with my walking buddies tomorrow, we are doing ten miles I think.

I'd better get a move on, thanks for popping in. Nice to see some new names appearing in the comments, welcome everyone. Catch up soon.
Toodle pip.


  1. Poppy looks a dear little dog, we are sure that she will be happy with you. You have made a super job of the slipper soles, they look nice and cosy.
    Wendy (Wales)

  2. Hi I am a new reader of your blog and watch every night for you to post it. I am not very well at the moment and live on my own in a flat and we cannot have animals. I would dearly love a dog for company as I haven't spoken to anyone for 2 days. Good to read what you are doing especially your money saving tips. Going to try hard to get out of debt this year.

  3. When I saw that little dog wearing the shocking pink harness I thought, "Ah, Ilona's found a 2nd use for those slippers!"
    Yes, I read about supermarket so-called offers and how they fool people into thinking they're getting a bargain when usually they're not and also they contribute to people buying too much and end up throwing a lot of food away because it's gone off. In the Telegraph today there is even a little quiz where you have to find the best bargains out of various options. This is easy enough if you have the time, patience, and the mental faculties to work it out in your head while in a supermarket, but few people would be bothered to do this. We're not often seduced by offers either because, like yourself, we only buy the items we want to buy. If they've been reduced, all well and good. And we always have a shopping list!
    Margaret P

  4. I love those boot type slippers. They are so practical and warm. Mine are starting to go at the seam and are in need of a quick fix.

  5. Your slipper boots look better than new with the leather soles, I would wear the granny slippers, nothing like toasty toes. You are far too down to earth and normal to have on the radio. They like to have the weird and wonderful to push the ratings up.

  6. Good idea to put the leather soles on - they look like new.
    Very cute little dog!

  7. Love your slipper boots Ilona that's the sort of repair I would do. I still darn socks and gloves. Have been without heating for 3 days except for a little electric fire which is not on for long, but being a nice sunny day here which shines into the front room I have been nice and warm, been crocheting a blanket today so that has helped. Enjoy your walk tomorrow.

    Hazel c uk
    BTW I love the little dog.

  8. As you have commented about new names I thought I would add another one!
    I love your blog and, as another person said , I look forward to reading it every day and am disappointed if you are missing. I'm also trying to read your archives.
    I want to thank you for starting the 1000 miles in a year challenge.
    Unofficially we have taken it on though we didn't start until 25th January. I feel so much better it's incredible. Not only am I fitter but I'm more flexible and much more motivated in everything I do. It's as though my enthusiasm levels for life have risen too!

  9. Awhh poor little Poppy, she looks so sad and bewildered. Just like my little rescue dog when I first got him, he couldn't understand why he'd been abandoned by his owners. When out for a walk he'd pull to get to people, hoping they were his owners, then turn away sadly when they weren't. It took him a while to really settle and not be so sad. Now he's such a bouncy happy chappie, so different fron the sad little lad he was.

  10. Love those slipper boots, well worth repairing. I would certainly wear the granny ones too.
    Slippers that cover the ankles always feel so much more cosy.
    Little Poppy is so cute.
    Hope the weather is good for your walk tomorrow. x

  11. how cute sweet Poppy is!
    good for you taking the high road!
    you must be an oddity on the radio, an honest person not out to trash someone else, good for you saving the booties too.

    1. I think you are right annie. I don't point my finger at anyone else if I have made a mistake. I am responsible for the items I put in my shopping trolley, not the supermarket for trying on their dirty tricks.

  12. Poppy's harness matches your slippers. Perhaps you should walk her in them! x

  13. My grandmother used to make them for my sister and I every year but was forced to stop by my mom since we kept falling down the hardwood traction on the bottom. I miss them now though

  14. The slipper boots are gorgeous! And what a cute dog, lucky you.

  15. Love the way you mend things wish lots of people did this instead of throwing away everything and getting new. I was in the supermarket yesterday and spotted 2 fresh cream eclairs reduced to 83p as todays date, but a bit further along they had 4 eclairs for 0.99p with a longer date - all same make size box etc. So people really do need to watch when they see a bargain as often the reduced is dearer than the ones that aren't lol. Love the blog keep it up xxx sally

  16. Galant, two great minds think alike. I thought the same as you somehow the slippers had turned into a harness. LOL. I only buy offers when it suits my budget, exceptionally good price and need it.

  17. ha ha ,that radio station will have get up earlier if they think they can catch you out. As for being confused by the prices of each price is also the unit price ,in smaller lettering usually underneath. Well it is in our Co-op. Work it out.

  18. I am new to this and keep typing comments that don't go through. I am not new to saving money though so here is my tip. When you go round the supermarket looking at the reduced veg, don't forget the free bubble wrap that you can pick up there. So usual around the house. Also the little plastic bags there can be used as poo bags.


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