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Monday, 23 May 2016

Blood and guts, yum yum ;o)

Hello. Bit of a mixed bag tonight. Couldn't resist taking a photo of Mayze snuggled up on my bed this morning. I was up at 6am and she immediately jumps onto it and makes a nest in the duvet. The sun shines through the window and she is in heaven. What a cutie. 
What do you think of this meal I had at lunchtime then? looks pretty gruesome, doesn't it, all blood and guts, ha ha. I had half a tub of chopped onions, and tub of spiraled beetroot, yellow stickers to use up. I don't know whey they call it spaghetti. Cook in a pan with some oil, add water, then add cheap noodles. Chuck in some spices and cook a bit longer. Actually it doesn't taste too bad, there is some left for tomorrow.

Things are growing in the raised beds, not sure if they are flowers or weeds. I have stuck a few plastic flowers in there to add a bit of colour.

I have three of these little trees, found them in the wheelie bins in the churchyard. Such a shame that people throw them away. They are sprouting green tips, so it looks like they might survive.

I'm taking three of the crafty ladies to the Scrapstore in the morning. I don't particularly need anything, but I bet the temptation to fill a basket for £5 will be too much to ignore. I like a mooch.

Hows the walking going everyone? The target for the end of May is 415 miles if you are on track. Don't worry if you are a long way off that, just keep walking. I shall be hitting 400 tomorrow. Although I did extra walking while I was away, I have missed five days in May up to now. I'll try not to miss any more.

Thanks for popping in. We'll catch up soon. Toodle pip


  1. Lovely picture of Mayze,cats just have a wonderful knack of looking as if they are in heaven! Sue

  2. Hi Ilona, just worked out my cycle mileage to date is 2007.72 miles so that is on target for me. Thanks for the idea

  3. Am I the only reader who can't figure out what part of a kitty I'm looking at?

    1. No, Quinn you're not. Before I read what the picture was about I thought it was a thistle that Ilona was showing us. I still can't make her out, but I'm sure she looks cute.

      Joan (Wales)

  4. I always enjoy your posts, love the kitty, and the little trees, but I will pass on th blood and guts, you were right it does look like that :)

  5. Mayze is gorgeous. Whenever I find abandoned plants/shrubs, I always rescue them too. I also plant potatoes, onions, garlic, etc that have sprouted in the kitchen cupboard. They always grow and reward me with quite a lot of produce.

  6. You do indeed have some weeds in the flower bed. When they first sprout, it's difficult to tell what they are, because the first leaves don't always resemble the more mature leaves. But as soon as you have more leaves, compare them to whatever you have planted (or the pictures on the seed packets), and pull the weeds out. Yes, they're plants and all, but you don't want them using up the moisture and nutrients that you want your flowers to use. And, try to be a little bit patient, as it's still pretty early to expect many flowers. Hope that helps, Kate in Oregon


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