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Monday, 30 May 2016

Brighten up your life with a splash of paint

Hello. Who let this darn cat in, oops, sorry Garcia, I didn't realize it was you. Cheeky chappie Garcia strolls in as if he owns the place. He knows where the feeding stations are and goes around them all to see what he can scrounge. Ooh yes, I wouldn't mind some of this Felix, thank you very much. The cat food has to be off the ground so Rocky dog doesn't steal it. Garcia often pops in, he lives three doors up the road and has been coming for years. He is looked after where he lives, just likes strolling around the neighbourhood.
I've been doing lots of little jobs today, one of them was tarting up this rather boring brown vase that I rescued from a trip to the tip. The man had loaded it into his car, and I took it out, ha ha. I'm cheeky like that. One tin of red tester paint I got from the Scrapstore. I picked six tins, they were included in my £5 basket along with the fabric.

Two coats covers it nicely. although it looks pink in this picture, it is red.

We're almost at the end of the month, don't forget to send in your miles for the Walking Group page. I am on track to finish the month on 415, and hopefully stay on track for the 500 mark at the six month stage. I am liking this challenge because it makes me get up out of this chair and go outside for some exercise. Sometimes I am not quite so enthusiastic and I have to force myself, but when I've done the three miles, I feel a lot better, physically and mentally.

I am chuckling at some of the guesses to win a bag. No one is near yet.

Thanks for popping in. We'll catch up soon. Toodle pip


  1. Is the magic word(s) Toodle Pip! xx

  2. Is it iLona? It's all over your bags - but then - I did think it was 'it' If it's not Ilona, I give up!

  3. My guess is 'present'. Love your blog and all the practical tips you share with us. Thank you.
    margaret c

  4. I think there is 'nothing' written on the piece of paper :)

  5. How about eco-friendly? Sue

  6. My guesses are: Rocky or bimbling. Amanda

  7. Thank you for popping over to my blog. I have been without broadband for the last week and for the two weeks before that it was intermittent. This morning BT have fixed it.
    Regarding your comment on the horses going to the Appleby Horse Fair - I always think it is cruel to expect them to pull a van all that way, although my husband (a farmer) says if they are well-fed andlooked after they should be alright. I understand that the RSPCA are now a very strong presence at the event now - and rightly so.

  8. Always lovely to meet new pussycats. Natalie

  9. Is it abracadabra. That's a magic word

  10. I love your vase makeover - what a great, yet simple, idea to stylishly update a nice textured piece. I find it shocking that its previous owner was going to throw it away instead of donating it to a charity shop - good on you for acquiring and reworking it to a statement piece.
    Are the long brown fronds from a "Monkey Puzzle" tree? I love the way that their texture echoes the geometric pattern of the vase.
    Did you cut and dry them or do they wither and drop off naturally? I would be really interested to know as I like to decorate with natural items (pine cones, acorns, dried leaves) and these would be an interested addition
    Great blog - read it everyday!

    1. Hi Christine. Yes, they are from a Monkey Puzzle Tree. I picked them up off the ground from under a tree at a Youth Hostel I was staying at a while ago. Someone here in our village felled a MP tree last week, so sad, but it was massive and in the wrong place.

  11. Is the magic word "ilona"??

  12. love your "visiting cat"...

    I wonder, does he live full time at a less peaceful household than yours, and maybe comes for a rest?

    it brings to mind a story I once read..

    a woman was out working in her garden, and a lovely dog, collie I think, came up to her. very nice and friendly. It was hot, and the dog was old, so she thought maybe it was thirsty and gave it water. It had a drink, and laid down in the shade for a rest and nap, while she worked. After a few hours it left.

    Well, this visiting pup went on all summer, much the same routine, several times a week. Finally the garden lady put a note on the dogs collar, giving her name and address, and addressing the owners, to explain that the dog came to her home several times a week, and such, "in case the owners wondered where the dog got to".

    well, next visit the dog had a note in the collar, from the owners, addressed to the "lovely lady">

    "The dog's name is ...(cant recall). He lives in a very busy home with many children. Although very patient with the children, some days he has had enough, and needs to "get away" and have a break. Thank you for giving him a nice peaceful place to visit".

  13. just spotted your shed on this site

    yu must scroll way way down to find it.


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