Sunday, 5 June 2016

Anything goes with pasta.

Hello. It's been another hot 'un today. Some time spent indoors, housework and sewing. Yesterday I made a veg stir fry, I started it off with an onion and a potato, chopped small in a pan in some oil. Then I added some of this out of a bag. I don't very often buy it, not that bothered about stir fries, but I got it for a change. It turned out quite nice. I added some veg granules and garlic powder for flavour. 
I fancied some pasta and made enough for three meals. Two portions with the stir fry, and one portion with scrambled eggs and grated cheese.

When the sun wasn't quite so hot I went outside to clean the roof on the summer house. It's quite a balancing act to reach up there. One foot on the step ladder and the other on the pallets while hanging on with one hand and scrubbing with the other. Those darned pigeons don't half make a mess. The perfume wafting past my nostrils from the lilac bush was just divine. It's a shame it's hidden away in the corner of the garden. I have a white one as well closer to the house, but it doesn't smell as nice as this.

I got up at 5am this morning, so I'm starting to fall asleep now. I'll say Goodnight. Thanks for popping in. We'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. I was so hot today I couldn't cook anything.I mowed grass and cleaned windows and that finished me off. Well done Ilona for cooking. I go back to work tomorrow and hope I wont fall asleep with the heat! Still a heatwave is good.

  2. I wish my lilac looked like that. Mine has taken years to flower and it is a very sparse looking thing. Why do you get up at 5am? I sometimes do that, but usually because I am worrying about something or have bad dreams. Your meal looks nice. It has been around six months without meat for us...our neighbours had a bbq today and didn't care for the meaty smells. I think I am converted and getting very good at cooking veggie meals.

    1. Hello Debs. I have the curtains half open, so I wake up early on light mornings. I like the mornings, and look forward to the day ahead. A mug of coffee and a read of the paper and I am raring to go.

  3. I do love seeing what you cook up, that looks very good.
    Careful on the ladder!
    Maybe an old broom or mop to clean off the roof.
    You have a lovely summer house, a great use of found materials and creativity!

  4. Be careful Ilona - sounds very tricky when cleaning the roof of the summer house. We also have lilacs - light purple mostly, but one is the dark purple (my favorite)We also have two that are white and they have a very strong perfume scent. It becomes very overwhelming very quickly. One has been growing out of control and is very straggly so that one will need to be cut down. We also have a nice row of bridal wreath spirea. Favorites to us and our neighbors. The lilac next to your summer house has a lot of beautiful blooms on it. Ours were not as loaded with blooms as yours. I think they need a good trimming. We moved here in March and no one had been living here for about 3 years so lots of work to be done. Ranee (MN) USA

  5. As already stated - carful now Ilona with cleaning up a ladder, but expect you must know your limitations. The food looked fabulous, I agree with Deborah W, I haven't eaten meat for about 2 months and if the b-b-q season starts here in the UK I will be steering clear of it too (feel so much better for not eating it but admit eat poultry and fish still). This household gets up early too this time of year but we love it, nature starts early i.e. birds singing, and all is quiet before the busy day starts; it's so therapeutic to sit for a while and just relax and admire the beautiful countryside. Amanda

  6. Hi Ilona, a suggestion for a topic for your blog as it is wedding season, last month me and hubby were invited to a wedding evening reception/50th birthday party(the groom) later this year, there is no wedding gift list and they have asked for cash as they already have everything, I don't like giving cash, it seems impersonal, I personally would like to buy a small gift but I was wondering what others thought of the bride and groom asking for cash? I've suggested this topic as you have more followers than me and it is usually a lively discussion :-) Jo x

    1. This is a difficult one; how about asking the couple if they would consider you giving to a charity of their choice? If that isn't acceptable why not give them a premium bond giving them a chance of winning some money (slim) or they can 'cash' in the money. Best of luck. Amanda

    2. Thank you for your suggestion Jo. I'm a bit busy at the moment to start a post on this so I'll leave it to our readers to give their replies here, or they can go to your blog. Jo needs more readers please.

      Briefly, It depends if it is a relative or a friend. I think it's a cheek to ask for money. I would ignore it and buy a present that I could afford.

    3. I see nothing wrong with giving cash if that is what they want. Many people already have a house-full of furniture and kitchenware and the last thing they need is another gift of something they cannot use. Just give what you can afford and don't worry about it.

    4. Meals you feature to look lovely, and I always enjoy viewing the photos, Thank you.

      Now, on to a Pet Peeve..
      Asking for Cash..

      I agree with Iiona, it is a terrible cheek to ask for money.

      We have run in to this problem, and stuck to our guns.
      Even though, the last time, the person/couple (wedding gift) was excessively rude at the gift opening...

      Another peeve, along this line,
      is, at what point, should one stop giving wedding gifts, and make a gift to a charity in lieu of, so to speak?

      we have one younger relative, who has been married twice now, received very nice gifts from us both times. Now with last divorce, are looking at a possible third marriage.

      We have discussed (if asked to third wedding of this person),
      buying a tree for some group that plants trees for charity (have seen commercials both at home and in Africa)
      buying a goat for a family in Africa (seen lots of commercials asking for donations to buy a goat for a family in Africa).

      and including a card of congratulations and explaining something like
      "we know you have all the pots and pans you need, so thought you would like to share your joy with the less fortunate", etc..

      any thoughts on this?

  7. Lilac is one of my favourite flowers,reminds me of my childhood,as had a big purple Lilac tree in garden with a beautiful scent...funny how fragrance can take you back in time. Also had night scented stock which is gorgeous in the evening air. Enjoy your garden Ilona,it is another lovely day here in Newcastle,hope we have a sunny summer! Jan x

  8. Yep, pasta pretty much goes with anything. Just like virtually anything tastes yummy in pastry in my opinion :-)