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Saturday, 4 June 2016

Not many flowers out yet? Cheat.

Hello. A murky start this morning but this afternoon it's roasting in the garden. I have to keep popping indoors to cool down. It's still hot now at gone six o clock. The kids are no use at all when it comes to gardening. They usually follow me around to keep me company, but today there was hardly any life in them. Heidi chose to doze under the bushes. 
Bugsy took refuge under the pallet table to get out of the full sun.

And Mayze was flat out on her back in the nest she made in the long grass. Her head was hidden.

I have been tidying up the raised beds. I have to admit to buying a few more plants. I bought some Fuchsias from Aldi,  and a few from a stall in the market. The colour you see though is cheats flowers, they are plastic, and they were free, ha ha. The sunflower is real. 
 The seeds and bulbs I planted are beginning to show.

In all this greenery I am not sure which are from seeds, and which are weeds. This is what you get when you scatter seeds will nilly. I've pulled up a few potato plants out of here.
Too darn hot. Still got my long baggy shorts as you can see. They are wearing well. 
Sorry, no picture of Rocky, he is sprawled out on his bed indoors, too hot for him outside. I'm going to have to wait an hour or so before I go for a walk, wait till it cools down.

Tatty byes for now. Have a good weekend. We'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. Love the cats. Your raised beds look fab. Natalie

  2. Gawd knows how we and animals are supposed to cope with this weather .......from 11 degrees C to 24 degrees C in less than 24 hours! But just lovely to see the sun here in Suffolk after more than a week of grey-ness

  3. It has been blimmin freezing here in Naughty Nunthorpe. We lit the log burner to warm the house up a bit.

  4. The raised beds ate so pretty-green inly or with the cheat flowers. I see the reclaimed bricks to more good use.

  5. Your raised beds look very nice and I am fine with your baggy shorts. As long as you are comfortable is my motto.

    "This afternoon it's roasting in the garden" and how hot would that be? My American friends think it is hilarious that I say anything over 75F (24C) is boiling.

  6. I was amused by your expression cheats flowers, a friend had decorated the borders leading to her front door with some, when asked by a neighbor what they were she replied "japanese silkies" and was then asked "where did you get your seed?".

  7. I love your chests way with colour in the garden.

    24° sounds quite nice, but I'm like the American friends of SandyExpat who think it's funny saying it's boiling. That's for over 35°.

    I've just told my husband that one of my dreams is to live in the north of England for at least 6 months and do lots of the bimbling around that you do. Visit little villages. Go for walks all around. See so the history in the building and landscape. I retire in about 12 years so it's on the top of my list.

  8. I'll trade you a few cool degrees for some of your hot. We're at 59* at 6:30PM with lows in the 40's tonight. (Although, i'm not a fan of hot.)
    Love the cats! They know how to deal with heat.

  9. Oh my your garden is looking soo lovely!! :) x

  10. The new raised garden beds you built look so nice. And, you must have had some warm days, since it looks like your plants are growing fast. The little ones are so cute in the garden, too! Don't work too hard,and stay cool. Pat xx

  11. Wonderful pictures of the 'kids'! Sue M

  12. You really inspire me to make my surroundings more lovely.
    Your kitties and Rocky have a delightful yard to explore. How nice.
    It was 93* here yesterday, Ilona. We are going to the beach this morning. I hope we don't roast!
    Lisa in Miami

  13. Your cheats flowers remind me of someone I used to know, who "planted" plastic flowers in the borders of her son's garden so that he would have a nice surprise when he came back from a spring holiday.

    Joan (Wales)

  14. The garden is looking lovely, and I'm liking the kitty photo's.
    Hot here too, waiting to water the garden.

  15. Garden beds look wonderful. I will enjoy seeing more pics, as they fill out.

    re the Flower Cheats

    a woman after my own heart...
    our house lot backs on to another house, and there is only a sort of wire fence in between.
    we have trees planted, so we someday get some privacy,
    but in the meantime
    I have said,
    if I run across some artificial trees, tall enough, for FREE or VERY cheap, I will stick them in there
    and they can give us some privacy.

    someone said to me, oh, they wont weather well, the plastic bits will break eventually..

    so what, then I will chuck them..etc

  16. Your raised beds are looking lovely. At my last house I had a window box that got hot sun all day and nothing every survived - until I went to the craft store and picked up some artificial greenery and flowers. The house was set back a bit from the street and no one knew they were fake.

  17. The garden's looking great and there is nothing better than to know the animals are happy there, too.

  18. It's all looking lovely .... and baggy shorts are the only way to go with this heatwave.


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