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Monday, 24 October 2016

How much! Chuffin heck!

Hello. My computer is having a wobbly. When I walk away from it and it goes into sleep mode, the screen doesn't just go black, it goes all colours, keeps changing every few seconds, bright neon colours. Then when I shut down, the computer switches itself off but the colours carry on and there is no response when I press the off button. I have to switch off at the wall, which I always do anyway. I think the monitor may be on it's way out. I'll wait until it stops working altogether. This computer is quite old. The red colour is very bright. Very strange.

I had to go shopping this afternoon, I had virtually no food left in the house apart from three cans of peaches, a jar of pickled onions, pasta, noodles and rice, nothing in the fridge, and a few things in the freezer. The postie brought me a letter from Tesco, there was a voucher for £7 off a £50 spend, I never spend that much. I put it in my pocket anyway. As I was walking round, I thought I might as well buy a few extra things, then I won't have to bother with a big shop for a month or so. There were offers on the cat food as well so I stocked up on that.

As she was scanning it I watched the numbers creep up and up. Chuffin heck, £72 chuffin quid, and that was with a few yellow stickers as well. The extras I bought were seeds and nuts, several kinds of canned beans, a bottle of wine, tuna fish, frozen white fish, and cooked chicken for the cats, sesame seed oil, frozen veggie burgers, plus all the usual stuff. So I did get to use the £7 off voucher. My stocks were very low, it was almost like starting from scratch. Gotta eat something.

I bought a cheese and onion pasty because I was hungry, I ate it on the way home. It was supposed to be for my dinner. So tonight I have had the rest of it, a plate of spinach and rocket with a little grated cheese and some pea and mint dip.

I must keep an eye on the time, I can't have anything to eat or drink after 9pm tonight. Tomorrow morning at ten past nine I'm at the medical centre for the first part of my free health check. They take a sample of blood, and I go back the week after for the rest of the check. I think I'll get a drink now, so I'll sign off.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
toodle pip


  1. eeeh that's a big spend for you Ilona. Hope your tests go well.

  2. WOW! Big spend - I don't think I've ever seen you list so much at once - excellent timing on the voucher!
    Just in from my second grocery expedition today - it was a good week to stock up on a lot of things as the shops all have Fall deals on at the moment and there were a lot of items that I was very low on so feel much better that things are stocked up again. Good luck tomorrow.

  3. I think your computer is the one who needs the health check, Ilona! Poor thing is really off-colour (oh, I couldn't resist that!) Best of luck, though, for your own health check.
    Margaret P

  4. Just a thought Ilona, my ipad started doing that multi-coloured screen business (as did a previous laptop). I was pretty p....d off at the thought of buying a new ipad so I went online to good old youtube and - get this - several people pointed out that it was probably a lose connection and to gently "drop" the ipad on the floor from a height of about 12 inches. I thought why not if I was going to end up buying a new one anyway - and it bloomin worked - both the ipad and the old laptop. I should probably add a disclaimer but hey it worked for me. Good luck. Anna

    1. That's a great idea. Going to pass it on.

    2. My laptop 'died' a few weeks back and was brought back to 'life' by my local repairer. Much cheaper than buying new one. A loose connection should be easily fixed one would think.

  5. Good luck on the medical tests. I would not be surprised if they ask you to take part in some studies because you are in such good shape. My 80 something relative was asked to wear a monitor for heart and b.p. because the doctor was so astounded at how well she was doing!

  6. Good luck for the test. Sometimes we have to spend more than we want - but that's the point; after grafting and juggling when these unexpected bills arrive, can do it - deep breath - and it's done. You will recover from it with your wise ways, cheap meals etc for weeks and stocked the pantry. You may not need to go food shopping for ages. Good for you. Amanda

  7. Stocking up from a virtually empty larder for £72 isn't bad going, lots of folks spend double that every week and still send out for a takeaway when they get home.

    Hope the tests go well, but it sounds as though your computer needs a health check more than you do 😉

  8. Shopped at my local big chain supermarket for a whole chicken and packet of frozen meat pies totalling $14.62. But lucky me when I got to the check out the chicken wouldn't scan and when it finally did it scanned the wrong amount and I got the lot for free! Yippee!!!! Shame I didn't have more in the basket.

  9. Good for you for getting all of that done and best wishes for a good health check!

  10. Ilona, Here is a link to explain how to fix your problem with the monitor screen. Sorry but as I'm typing...I'm having a little chuckle as I can imagine your face as it's happening.
    Hope it helps. Cheers Sue.

  11. You can use the scan as you shop in Tesco so that you can keep a tally of how much you are spending. Handy if you are on a budget and saves time too.

  12. Hope the computer isn't too expensive to fix. I love my desktop and even though I have the ipad I still prefer to sit at the desktop. doesn't sound too good though does it. Maybe you just need a new screen.
    Good luck with the health check.

  13. before you do anything, backup your computer contents onto an external hard drive..they are not too expensive, it is easy to do and saves heartache if the computer does go belly up

  14. Trea

    Used to have a desktop but a tablet is cheaper and easier..takes up far less space plus you can sit in bed snuggled up with it and be warm xx

  15. off topic, just thought might interest you...

    I wonder if this terrible waste is a "Canadian Thing" or a "Walmart Thing" (Big store), or if it goes on all over, every country.


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