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Monday, 17 October 2016

The cutting edge of crafting

Hello. I've found something which you crafters out there might want to have a go at. Slashing, have you heard of it? Have a look at this video,.

This is my first attempt. I decided to use black fabric, yes it is black, a fitted double bedsheet I bought from Age UK charity shop for £1. I also decided to make circles and not lines like the video. My fabric is double,  I used a large bowl as a guide for the biggest circle, drawing around it with chalk. Then added more circles using a ruler. The lines are 2cm apart. In the middle I sandwiched all kinds of scraps, then machined around the lines. Next, as the video shows, I used a small pair of scissors to slash through all layers of the fabric, leaving the bottom layer of black intact. It doesn't look much like the video, I realized I had made the lines too far apart so the coloured fabric didn't fluff up to the surface.Even after washing the slashes still didn't open up.

I trimmed the black with nail scissors to open up the slashes, that's better. Now more colours are coming to the surface.

It does look a bit like a spinning wheel, the red appears to be radiating out from the centre. That's because I used smaller pieces of fabric than the video, and laid strips from the centre towards the edge, like spokes on a wheel. I think it's best to lay fabric across the stitching rather than following the line of stitching.

I still have the black ditches between the colours but I think that looks nice.

I will have a think about what to do next. I had in mind to make a picture and frame it, but I suppose it could be made into a bag. I might add some hand stitching to it when I find the right thread.

Do you fancy having a go at this, it's quite easy. There are lots of videos showing how to do it.

I've been to have my free flu jab today, and coming up next week is my free health check.

We've just had a massive downpour, the road turned into a river. The sun is shining now so I think I'd better go and do my walk. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. often people machine wash a few times to fluff up and in the US a lot of machines have agitators and that helps too. I know if they are dried in a dryer you have to be careful as so much fluff comes off. its not a technique I have tried but have talked to a lot of people who have.

  2. I have seen a jacket made with this technique and it looked great. Bags will be terrific too! JanF

  3. Oh yes, got to have a go at that, never seen it before. Thanks Ilona.

  4. I've seen it before, but can't remember where.

    Joan (Wales)

  5. Interesting post, as usual. I've not seen this technique before. The bags look great.

  6. Never seen this technique before so I clicked and watched it on the youtube channel, which I have now subscribed to, so thanks for the link. I would like to give it a try one day but I am sewing other projects at the moment. If/when I give it a go I would use a washing bag, for washing and drying, just to catch any escaping 'bits'. Looking forward to seeing what you make with your version.

  7. I think it looks lovely, and can imagine all sorts of work done with this technique.....

    Carry Alls

    and to be a bit more risqué

    how a swimsuit
    with two of your bowl type patterns on the front, and two on the back for the booty?

  8. I love this. It reminds me of the pictures we made as a child in school where you covered the paper with colours in wax crayon then you went over it with solid black wax crayon. Then you scratched out your design to reveal the colours beneath. Same technique but different medium. Some very interesting uses in the video. Love that you have had a go.

  9. Turn it into a sunset Ilona... I bet it would be gorgeous

  10. It looks great. I love this effect as it gives great texture


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