Sunday, 8 January 2017

Big move during the night in Hull

Hello. I wish I'd known about this, I would have been there. A wind turbine blade has been installed in Hull City Centre overnight. I just love big load manoeuvres. Those guys at ALE, Abnormal Load Engineering at Stafford, certainly know how to squeeze these monsters through small spaces. I used to work with them when I was on Leicester Heavy Haulage. Their skill is amazing, they have some brilliant kit.

Looks like they cleared Queen Victoria Square of the light show equipment overnight, and brought in cranes to install cradles which will support the wind turbine blade. The move was planned for a 2am start from the Siemens Factory. This is part of the Year of Culture, and will be on display until March.

I have a fascination for all things heavy haulage, I was part of it for three years. Ah well, that's in the past, but I have some brilliant memories, and when I see them on the road part of me wishes I could turn back the clock and do it all over again.

Back to my artwork. Have a nice Sunday. Toodle pip


  1. Amazing, and is that you in the first photo? You've certainly led an interesting life!

    1. Hi, yes, that's me. I didn't drive that truck, my friend Pete did. I used to meet up with the gang and take photo's of the work they did, if I had a day off from my own job.

  2. Hells Teeth, i imagine that would have been very interesting to watch you never think about how things get places lol
    sammie xx

  3. Hello v fascinating. I am a city person I can't imagine what get's transferred around at night whilst we are sleeping. This was fun. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!1

  4. That was truly amazing. I've seen buildings going down the road, but never something so big that two trucks were needed. How the heck do you practice for something like that? Thanks for the video.

  5. That is amazing, thanks for the video Ilona. All I know about haulage I've learned from your blog, however I have a fascination for wind turbines - and I've seen a video of one of the largest blades being transported in I think Denmark before- it was amazing.

  6. Wow-great video!
    Jules x

  7. Wow! If I had been around Hull and knew about it I would have turned out to watch it as well, such precision.

    Linda xx

  8. Another one here in awe of those who do stuff like this. I too used to work in transport and occasionally that included AbLoads - but mine were never larger than barely into "second man" category - certainly nothing on this scale!

  9. hi, i live in hull just 5 mins walk from this art display, and i can say it looks fantastic.


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