Monday, 16 January 2017

Bills Bills Bills

Hello. And the bills are piling in this month. Vet, car MOT, petrol, and Tesco food, all on the credit card. Been on the phone today paying for car insurance. Meters have been read and the gas and electric bill have arrived. The water bill came last week and that has been paid. Next month will be the car road tax. A lot to go out all around the same time. Never mind, there is money in the bank to pay for it all.

Big hike in the gas bill for the last three months. Piddling small amount for the previous quarter, and £99 for this quarter. I've been treating us to some heat, although I have known previous winters far colder than this one. My excuse for spending a bit more? Bugsy needs to be warm. The electricity bill is slightly higher due to longer dark nights, need the lights on more. My supplier also sent out an annual summary which is quite useful. Based on the actual annual cost last year, the estimated costs for 2017 are £197 for gas, and £179 for electric. If I was on a monthly direct debit, which I'm not, it would be £31.50 a month. I can live with that.

I went to Crafty Club this morning, it was a good turn out, a new lady joined. I took Bugsy to see Marian the vet this afternoon. It's a drop in centre so no appointment required. I was a bit concerned that he had stopped eating again. She found a sore spot in his mouth so he has had an antibiotic shot, and something to stimulate his appetite. I have some tablets to give him over the next three days. Hope fully there will be some improvement soon.

Jade dog walk when I came back from the vet. No sign of the regular walker yet, we don't know when he is coming back off his holidays.

Got to cut this short, need to go upstairs and spend some time with Heidi. She seems to be forever in the spare room, can't get her to come down and stay with us in the living room. She is a little bit subdued, I don't think she is feeling too good. I've had a word with Marian and we both think I should up her medication dose slightly, and go back to the original dose of one tablet per night. Her gums are not as pink as they should be, she is becoming a little bit anaemic again.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. Aren't they a worry? Hope it is just one of those things and nothing serious for any of them.

    Joan (Wales)

  2. Worry after my dog a lot, know how you are feeling Ilona really do.

  3. I hope that Bugsy and Heidi will both feel better soon.

  4. I hope the kitties are ok Ilona oh and I hear you regarding those bills! All the best.

  5. The bills always come together I find, hope Heidi feels better soon.

  6. Hi Ilona, Really hope your furry ones improve. They are such a worry when not in good health. I think you are right about having a little bit more heat, our elderly girl (cat) loves to be warm, if it was just us we could get by with lowering the heat but she really likes to be toasty. I hope the visit to the vet sorts out their immediate problems. Thank you for your posts I really enjoy them. Sue H.

  7. Hi Ilona, I have recently switched to scottish power and they have set my DD's at £39 a month, duel fuel, although I am using the gas central heating a lot at the moment. Dog is not well. I just bought some thermal ski wear from Aldi, can recommend it to keep you warm, colourful, nice and cheap. Hope the furies get better.

  8. Sorry about your pets, it is stressful but they know you love them and hopefully they will take comfort from that. I would love to keep my job but I am worried I might lose it as I am ill again. I just want the economy to improve so we have higher interest rates again on savings and pay rises instead of cuts. I think I am too scared to change jobs but it would be fun if I did. I have the heating on all the time as I get cold a lot. I'm a wimp lol. Have a good day.


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