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Monday, 27 February 2017

A reminder.

Hello. Just popping in tonight to remind our Walking Group members that you have one day left to the end of the month. How's it going, have you achieved your targets, or have you been slacking. Ok, it's a short month, I'll let you off if you are a few miles short, but I hope you make an effort next month to catch up.

I am on target to hit the 100 miles again, after doing one longer walk, and adding extra miles onto my daily walks.

69 members signed up for the Walk 1000 miles in one year challenge, at the beginning of January. I am pleased to say that 53 people checked in with their January miles, on the 1st of February post. A jolly good effort. Are we going to get all 69 people checking in on the 1st of March with their total miles? It would be brilliant to see every single person making an effort.

This format will go on for the whole year, checking in on the 1st post of every month. If you miss it don't worry, you can go back to that post at any time during the month to add your miles.

We had such a lot of members staying with it for the whole of the 2016 challenge, lets see if we can increase it for this year.

To feel the benefits of any exercise it should be a continual process. Not just for the New Year, not just for getting in shape for holidays, and not for a few weeks in the summer when the weather is warmer. It is proven that regular exercise is beneficial for the mind as well as the body. Feeling fed up? Get out for a walk, or a run. or a cycle, or a swim.

I often meet other people walking and running around my village. I stopped to chat this morning with a young mum who was pushing her baby in a buggy. I have seen her running. She tells me that she runs 5k five times a week, and feels absolutely great afterwards. She has run several marathons, and she looks as fit as a fiddle, no sign of a mummy tummy.

My walking buddy Paul does a lot of cycling, he goes out at every opportunity, and is very fit for a 53 year old. There is also Christopher who was overweight, he has lost a couple of stone through watching what he eats, and cycling almost every day. Any exercise has to be good for you.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. Hope you hear from everyone!

  2. Ilona, you are my walking inspiration, though I haven't formally joined your challenge, I am doing it on my own:-)
    Last year I aimed to walk at least 3km/30 minutes' a day plus whatever other daily activities to make it to 10,000 steps. This year I've upped it to 6km/1 hour's walking a day, plus gardening, yoga, normal household routines. So that should be well over 3 miles a day easily. Thank you for setting this challenge and know that you inspire people who don't normally post comments :-) Cheers from Ausralia, Loretta

    1. Well done, Loretta, stick at it and you will feel the benefits.

  3. I think I had better withdraw from the walking group as I have not been well enough since the new year to do much .

    1. Don't withdraw. Just start again slowly when you feel able to.
      Ilona has always said we are doing this challenge for ourselves not to compete against others.
      If you can do quarter of a mile try to do that every day then gradually increase the distance.
      Being out in the fresh (sometimes very fresh at present!) air will help you to feel better.
      I do hope you'll continue and that we'll see your name and distance in April. You could always say how many days you managed to go for a walk without mentioning the distance. Good luck. Sue

    2. Christine, don't give up, start when you are feeling better. Reaching 1000 miles is not important, doing some walking, whatever you can manage is better than no walking. Take March off, and come back in April. Set yourself lower targets.

  4. I am very reluctant to walk in the winter. When it is so much cold, it feels hard. The summer was another story. Last summer was the most walked summer. I walked almost every day. It really was great. How you calculate how many kilometers you walk a day? Using smart phone?

    1. Hello. I use a web site, Put the start place in the box, then mark along the route with the mouse, it adds it up automatically. I have already checked the regular route I am walking, but if I walk somewhere new, I check the distance after I have walked it. I don't have a smart phone, or a fitbit.

      Not sure what you mean by, 'it feels hard'. What does? If the ground is not frozen with ice it is ok to walk in the cold because the more you move your body the warmer you get. I have walked out the door when it is very cold, and come back sweating.

  5. Sorry, I forgot to check in at the end of January - My total for the year to date is 246 miles :)

  6. jan 161 feb 146 yr total 308 from south central Pennsylvania usa:)


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