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Sunday, 28 May 2017

I'm in the pink.

Hello. I've had a nice day today. Did my walk straight after breakfast, a bit more painting on the garage door, made some plastic flowers on sticks, gave them to Janet to put in her pots, and she gave me a jacket that is too big for her. As you can see it fits me perfectly. 
Now I'm going outside to water the flower beds, then I have to get something ready to take to Crafty Club in the morning, need to start a new project that can be transported in a bag. Something small.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon. Enjoy your Bank Holiday Monday.
Toodle pip


  1. I do like your new jacket Ilona.It's a colour that I'm into at the moment-odd for me because until only recently it was a colour I rarely chose.This winter my hallway is now pale pink,the front door has a can of pinkish paint ready and waiting.I have also rooted out my pink blouse and worn it for 2 days to walk the dogs.Happiness and rosey glow to you x

  2. Lovely jacket!,And so nice of your friend to give it to you.Your life seems so nice there surrounded with nice friendly people.Although the people in my area,are nice....well most of them anyway,lol.I do think that i live a very different life to them.Still,each to their own!!,Hope the garage door is coming on well.Im painting an old pub table,which ive had for about 30 was rescued by my mam when an old pub was being cleared out and they were going to be dumped.My mam got two cause they were very heavy to put in her car.They have heavy wrought iron legs and have been dark brown for all these years.Well,tomorrow i am sanding them down and painting the tops grey,Just hope it works out,lol,Take care,Debi,Leic,x

  3. Great about the jacket, it's free, and I would take it also. Maybe though, I am the only girly in the universe who does not like pink... Amanda

    1. Well,I thought I didn't but since I've been somehow guided towards pink I'm much more carefree x

    2. I am ordinarily not a pink person either but that splash of color and the fact that it was given by a friend would perk me up just as it has Ilona. Happy Sunday to you, Meanqueen and thanks for being here.

  4. Lovely pink coat and very kind of your friend.looking at your lovely lush green garden. Whenever I go abroad to anywhere hot I always look forward to seeing green fields. Looking after our garden and it's coming on a treat : ) Louise (from your old town)

  5. That is my favorite shade of pink! That or red make me supremely happy! Free is even better.

  6. Love a bit of pink. It looks good on you. Natalie


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