Sunday, 17 September 2017

Day 6. Morecambe to Cleveleys.

Hello, I'm back at home now so I'll just write this up for the last day of the walk yesterday. There aren't many photo's because I was concentrating on walking as fast as I could. 
The Travelodge at Morecambe didn't serve breakfast, they sell a breakfast box with a few items of breakfasty kind of stuff. Not worth the £5 something so I gave it a miss. Instead I ate what I had left from my picnic in the room the night before. Cheese and biscuits and half a tub of pasta and sweetcorn salad. It was a Weightwatchers salad, and flippin awful. It nearly made me sick so I couldn't finish it. Lucky I had some choccy biscuits as well. 
I was determined to give it my all because I could see it might be difficult to get a bed along the way. I did have details of a farm at Pilling and thought that might be the answer, but it was only 3pm when I arrived there, far too early to pack up. I carried on walking. 
I took the cycle track out of Morecambe alongside the railway line. I was dead impressed with how tidy it was, and easy walking on the tarmac. I was able to get up a good fast pace. All well sign posted as well. It was well used by dog walkers and people taking their kids to school.
Three and a half miles to Lancaster, I was there in an hour. This is the Millenium footbridge over the river. My maps didn't cover Lancaster so I had to ask a couple of people for directions.

 A quick snap as I was passing through the town.

At this stage I wasn't sure how much there was left to do, I knew it would be more than twenty miles if I wanted to do the whole lot in one go. I chose to take the most direct route along the roads instead of meandering along footpaths.

On and on I went. I was hoping to find a shop where I could buy some supplies. None at Conder Green, or Cockerham, and I was getting hungry. At 3pm I went in a pub at Pilling and had egg, chips and beans. Feeling suitable refreshed, I carried on. 
To Hambleton, then over the river at Shard Bridge. It was then I knew I had to give it one extra push and go for it.

It was 7.30pm when I arrived at Carols house, she came out to meet me. I had been on the road for more than ten hours. My trudging became slower and slower. I was whacked. 
Oh it's great to put my feet up.

Total miles are 110, in six days. I'm chuffed.

Now I am home. Me and Carol went out today, I'll tell you about that tomorrow. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip.


  1. Ilona you really are wonderful x x

  2. To walk that far on not much of a breakfast is really amazing. Well done you. I do think you must also be incredibly stubborn once you set your mind to do something. Did you sleep at your friend Carols? I bet that cup of coffee she had for you tasted wonderful.

    Thanks for sharing your journey with those of us who can only dream of such a walk. 😀

    1. Yes, I stayed the night and came home today.

  3. Wow! You are absolutely AMAZING !
    Well done Ilona. I admire both your stamina and spirit. Jean.

  4. Well done Ilona, I really admire your can do attitude. Being a worrier, I couldn't cope with the uncertainty of where I'd get food, toilets etc., and bed for the night!! However you do inspire me to take longer walks within my local area. Thanks for the posts and pics, I've enjoyed following along.

    1. I agree with you, I am afraid I would be panicking that I'd end up sleeping in a hedge and hungry. The distance is absolutely brilliant Ilona, I totally admire you for doing that. I'm unable to do that sort of mileage due to a bad back but plod on gently. Amanda

  5. I agree, absolutely amazing! 110 in six days! Had to read the number twice ;)

  6. Goodness, that a lot of miles!

  7. Amazing progress for your last day. I enjoy my breakfast so don't think a few crackers and salad would have appealed to me at all but I'll bet those egg, chips and beans went down well hey Ilona. Take care and treat yourself to something nice for tea x Rae x

  8. Amazing lady!!!,Well Done!!,Debi,x

  9. You talk the talk AND walk the walk - well done. An inspiration to me. Sharon

  10. You are amazing! I am proud if I walk 12 miles in a week! I do have arthritis in one foot but I never did much more even before that!
    I admire you. JanF

  11. Well done Ilona x and thanks for your brilliant commentary and photos throughout your journey!


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