Monday, 18 September 2017

Pub lunch at Knott End

Hello. Fully recovered now, Crafty Club this morning, feeling chipper. Yesterday Carol and I went to Fleetwood to go across the water on the ferry to Knott End. You may remember that I walked there last time I visited her, but didn't go on the ferry. This time we drove, and went across. 
On this map you can see the last part of my route, Pilling was where I decided to press on to the end. No point in going the shorter route for the ferry because the tide was out, and there was nowhere to get a bed for the night. So I walked past Hambleton and crossed over the River Wyre on the Shard Bridge. 
It was a nice day, sunny with a gentle breeze. The little boat behind the ferry is getting ready for a fishing trip.

Time to get on, pay the man on board, £2 each way.

Off we go, you can see the other side.

Heading towards Knott End. There were some jet skiers about.

Nearly there, it only takes five minutes.

We had a stroll down the Promenade while we waited for the pub to open at 12 o clock. Carol had fish and chips, I had veggie lasagne and chips. It's a small quiet place people come for a couple of hours to look around, bikers meet at the cafe on the sea front. We headed back to the ferry and just missed one, didn't have to wait long for it to come back.

The tide had gone out a bit and left the ramp muddy so the skipper got the hose out to clean it off before he let anyone get off.

On our way back and we can see the lifeboat parked in it's berth.

We went back to the car and decided to have a look at the Marina. You can't see it behind the shopping centre. Plenty of parking at the Freeport Outlet. It's one of those places where all the top names have stores, but because it's called a Freeport everyone assumes everything is going to be super cheap. We are not taken in by this and didn't step into any shops on our way through to the Marina. The place was busy as you can expect on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Not a very big Marina, only saw a few people pottering about, more like a boat parking lot.

The houses you can see behind it are a large new build estate, we went to have a nosy to see what they were like. We weren't impressed. They were too close together, small gardens, not enough parking spaces which were too small anyway.

Back at the house I had a drink and left to come home. It was a nice afternoon out with my best friend Carol. Steady drive back home, couldn't be bothered to rush.

Thanks for popping in, and thanks for all your comments, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. Pleased you were able to see Carol and have a nice day out. Coincidence I met 2 of my nieces yesterday at Freeport (Braintree) must admit the shops did nothing for me except M & S where I nearly brought some jogger trousers for £2.50 a pair but they were tight round the tummy but were a good bargain if they had fitted. I never brought anything except something to eat at lunchtime even had my coffee brought fir me. Still it made a nice change to spend the day with them at my daughter.

    Lovely photos and really interesting descriptions of your wonderful walk, thank you.

    Have a good week.
    Hazel c uk

  2. £2.00 each way, what a bargain.

  3. looks like you have had a really nice time away.

  4. It's so lovely that you have such a good friend as Carol.Is she your best friend from school?Sadly I lost touch with mine.It's great that you are always there for each other x

  5. Loved the pictures.
    Mum and I enjoyed many a good lunch at the North Euston Hotel shown in your picture behind the ferry boat jetty.
    Brought back many memories.
    Thanks Ilona.
    Pam in TX.x

  6. Lovely photos Ilona.I love little boat trips like that! Marinas and harbours are my favourite places to have a look round.I used to love sitting around Bridlington harbour many years ago.Also Ramsgate harbour and Brighton Maria...oh and Poole harbour aswell!.I just love watching the boats coming and going.It looks like the weather stayed great for you aswell...I know what you mean about those sort of shopping centres though,i never ever bother looking round those sort of shops cause there is nothing i need from them.I prefer my little charity shops!!Debi,x