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Monday, 9 October 2017

More art at the 20 21

Hello. I'm glad you liked the Woolly Spires. While I was at the 20 21 Arts Centre I took these photo's. There are two other exhibitions on at the moment. This one is inside a dark cave, which is basically a big box painted black. On two walls, floor to ceiling, are projected brightly coloured psychedelic moving pictures. When you stand in front of them an image of your own body is projected onto the screen. Here is me in red, taking a photo. 

On the other screen I am blue. You can dance about and do whatever you like. The kids were having great fun.

I got my legs and my shadow in this shot.

This is another exhibit which the kids were attracted to. Dare you touch the electric fence? When you did pluck up enough courage and knew you weren't going to get a nasty shock you found that each strand of wire made a different weird noise. The temptation was to walk around it touching as many different wires as possible to create an eerie sound echoing around the church. I guess the speakers are hidden inside the four metal corner posts.

These exhibits are going to be here for a while so plenty of time to see them.

Crafty Club this morning was lively as usual. I have at last finished the Sea Bed picture. Someone said it's like Octopus's Garden, the Ringo Starr song. I've never heard of that before. Now I need to frame it, I'll post pictures later.

I was up at 4am this morning, now I'm feeling a bit jaded, so I'll sign off. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. I love these sort of things!And cant wait to see your finished Sea Bed.Yes,i can remember the Ringo Starr song...not one of his best,lol.You was up bright and early this morning.I love getting up early...not that early though!! Debi,xx

    1. I just googled ''Octopuss's Garden'' Debi and the lyrics are really cute-I think I remember a cartoon of it on the TV years ago too x

  2. Very thought provoking again Ilona.To me I feel that the electric fence is saying,if I were to touch it - what's the truth in life ? and what really matters to you ?Thankyou-I luv this too x


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