Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Art is a game anyone can play

Hello. What is art? It's just a kids game, anyone can play it. At Crafty Club yesterday someone gave me a bag of plastic coloured pieces, they are supposed to fix together and make whatever you want to make with them. A bit like a construction set. There are straws, circular thingys, and little wheels. Over coffee this morning I started playing with them. 
I cut up some of the straws which were bent and not very long into small pieces. I spread them out onto a sheet of grease proof paper. Folded it over and pressed down hard with a hot iron.

Hey presto, they are all squashed into funny shapes and stuck together.  These straws are a bit thicker than plastic drinking straws, you could use them instead.

If you are going to try this, do it in a well ventilated place and don't stand over it, I did it outside. Melting plastic gives off dangerous fumes. Now I will have to think of what I can do with it.

Carry on playing with the other bits, lots of different combinations to fix them together. What about adding some vinyl leaves. Very arty don't you think. I can see that this will keep me entertained for hours.

Another game, playing with wrapping and weaving home made fabric cords and wool around the spiral coasters. Trying different ways, what might work best. More games to play with these, pick it up, put it down, walk away, think about it, sleep on it, something will come to me eventually.

They say you go back to your childhood when you get older, think I am half way there, ha ha.

A reminder that we are almost at the end of the month. How has your walking been going? Do you need a kick up the backside or are you on target? Don't tell me yet, one last chance tomorrow to bump up your miles. The one month target for those who are doing 1000 miles, is 83, and I am only just going to make it. I haven't done any extra walking, just sticking to the three miles a day. Can the Walking Group please check in on the post Thursday 1st February, and let us know how January has been for you.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. That is a nice sheet of fused together pieces you made. Yep, I may be half way back to childhood too. I walk for 30 minutes every day with my dog, don't know how many miles that is.

  2. I would put that leafy one in my window-very nice x

  3. Those coasters look like the same type of technique as your curtain rings - they look really smashing ...... you really do love your craft - don’t forget to eat !!!! XX

  4. Very nice! I’ve been playing with threads myself. Before that, I played with paper and pens.
    Even though i didn't sign up for the walking club, I have been keeping track. I’m at 95 as of today. Once my Summer job starts this will go down. Good luck to everyone!

  5. Hi Ilona

    You made me giggle with your comment......''They say you go back to your childhood when you get older, think I am half way there, ha ha''. Keep up the good work. xx

  6. When my grandaughters were little there was an overpriced,overpackaged craft box type thing called Hammerbeads...i think.Smallest starter kit was about £30!!.Same sort of thing,loads of plastic pieces that you ironed down if I remember rightly.I must have spent a fortune on buying those!!,I wish i had been this creative and frugal in those days.What a rip off when i think just how much cheaper it would have been doing it this way...plus i cant remember any instructions telling you to do it outside because of the fumes.I just used to stand ironing them down in the kitchen!!.Its a wonder Im still here to tell the tale,lol.Im going to show them this when they come down tomorrow!,Debi,xx

  7. I'm not on Facebook so I can't formally join in the Walking Group check-in, but I have done 114 miles in January. I also made a pledge to read more and in January I read 12.5 books (reading Steve Jobs' mammoth biography (nearly 500 pages) and I'm only half-way through that, but I'm really chuffed. Thanks for the inspiration, Ilona!

  8. My kids love those constructor straws! It's one of the toys we take on holiday, because they can create so many things from a small box. Always good to create, no matter what age, I miss it when I don't have much time.


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