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Monday, 29 January 2018

Tissue paper picture is finished

Hello. I took some photos of this picture this morning, but the light was so poor, I took some more this afternoon. It has come out quite well for a first attempt at painting with bleeding tissue paper. When you lay your design out and wet it all over you have no idea how far the colours are going to bleed, or how intense they are going to be. If they are a bit pale you can add more paper to deepen the colours, but that increases the distance they are going to bleed. It's a shame that the orange tinted sky has gone a little too far over to the right, I would have liked more blue sky. Once it starts bleeding you can't stop it.
I have stretched the picture over a board and laced it at the back to keep it tight. Even with a lot of pulling I can see a couple of wrinkles. The picture itself is 8 inches by 10 inches, with the frame it's 11 inches by 13 inches. I've taken the photos before I put the glass in to eliminate reflections. 

I used different shades of green for the stems, but found some of them were a bit too pale, so I went over the stitches with a green glitter pen to darken them. I also went over the flower stitching with purple and pink glitter pens and added some glitter to the petals.

I started the sun with an outer circle and an inner circle, then used a ruler and an orange glitter pen to draw straight lines through the centre. I used red, yellow, and orange threads.

This is the back, with the strong cotton pulling the sides in together. I folded the corners and stitched them down.

The picture sits on top of the cream board, stuck down with sticky pads. I think it looks quite nice. I'm going to change the name tag to green though, yellow is too bright.

Today I am remembering my dearly beloved Bugsy cat. His photo is on this fridge magnet, and he is on my key rings, and always in my heart. It is one year ago today when he died. Missing you Bugsy.

It was decided today to move Tina cat into a pen at the rescue. She couldn't stay in the house much longer, by herself, her owner wasn't coming back, and Tina needs a new home. She didn't like the car journey very much, only a few minutes but cat's generally don't like going in cars. Sue had her new des res ready for her, and I took her duvet bed with her so she would have something from home for comfort. It's a good job that we did move her today, because another new cat arrived, brought in by the police as it's owner had passed away and the cat was alone. The pens are now full. Tina will be fine, Sue spends a lot of time with the cats, and they all get heat pads in their beds to keep them warm. Lets hope some kind people come along and offer them a home.

That's it for tonight, thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. That is just beautiful.
    J x

  2. It’s absolutely stunning, the colours are just out of this world.

  3. A sad day for you. Anniversaries are always difficult and I’m glad you managed to keep busy with your beautiful artwork. My old dog also died five years ago today. I miss him a lot as we went through some difficult times together. I always light a candle for him and try and have a nice day remembering the happy times. Thinking of you and Bugsy. Kristel

  4. love the textile piece. Sorry about the cats I know how much you care for them.

  5. What a nice way to remember Bugsy. Best wishes Karen.

  6. Your picture is stunning as already been said but that’s one of the best ways to describe it. Truly unique I’ve never seen anything like it before .

  7. What a beautiful picture. Your Bugsy was such a handsome fellow, wasn't he?

  8. Your lovely new picture of the sun radiating looks to me that Bugsy is very much with you Ilona x

  9. It doesn’t seem a year since Bugsy left us. They all have a special place in our hearts.
    Another lovely piece of art!

  10. I really like your picture, especially the way you did the sun. I can see what you mean about the blue sky and the bleeding, but I actually think I like it better without a sharp contrast between colors. The bleeding looks like the glow from the sun, or perhaps the beginning of a sunset.

    Here's hoping that Tina cat will find a lovely new home, and that her previous owner won't fret about her.

    RIP Bugsy. Our animal friends touch our hearts in a special way, don't they?

  11. Your artwork looks great, the colours are so beautiful.
    I always loved your stories and photos of Bugsy, I can imagine how you miss him.
    Hilde from Germany

  12. Your new artwork is BEAUTIFUL. I found it really grabbed me.

    My thoughts with you and your beloved pet. I have lost a couple, and know that however long it has been, it's very often as if they are still right with one. I am not a very religious person, but I often think what a blessing it has been, how truly fortunate I/we have been with the pets we have had.

  13. I think your bleeding picture is my favourite so far of yours - the colours and effect are gorgeous. That is a lovely photo of Bugsy. Thank goodness for the cat rescue and people like Tina and yourself. Natalie

  14. Im sure that Bugsy lives on in your heart.I remember when my old cat and dog died years ago,quiet a few times I felt them rub against my legs,as if letting me know that they are ok.Its lovely that you have so many beautiful memories of Bugsy and Rocky to help you through when that sudden sadness tugs at your heartstrings.I hope that Tina finds a kind and loving forever home too.I love how you keep yourself busy with your craft work...and that sun is beautiful!!.Its been lovely and sunny the last few days here in the Midlands...but this morning the cars are all frozen up again!!..Dont think I will be getting my shorts out just yet,lol,Debi,xx i have just thought...yesterday in BnM the Dulux paint testers are reduced from £1.49 to 50p,not as cheap as your 4p woolworth ones,lol,but still cheap enough for an upcycling item.

    1. Thanks for that tip off, I'll go and have a look.

  15. Lovely, Ilona. Reminds me very much of the French Impressionists, due to the soft, muted colors. Well done!

  16. Love, love, love the tissue paper picture. You have a good imagination and an eye for such things. It's beautiful, Ilona.

  17. I love the reverse side of your work too. Not long ago I was listening to an American artist interviewed on the radio. She is renowned for her needlework portraits and also displays the reverse side of her work. I wish I could remember her name.

  18. Hi Ilona from Wellington New Zealand ; congratulations on everything you are doing. I only saw your wonderful blog for the first time ever yesterday and was so so impresses. Congratulations and Happy New Year. Thanks to you, I havejoined the 1000 mile walking group. I will watch all of your vidoes. Hope you are well. Sorry to read about Henry the dog passing away; every good wish for now Susan

  19. Oh that tissue paper picture is so beautiful. You are so talented, Ilona.


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