Thursday, 22 February 2018

Filling in the rings, part 2 video

Hello. Bit late tonight, waiting for a video to upload. Remember this doodle with the machine I did yesterday. 
I wondered what it would look like if I coloured it in. I used felt tip pens, and some of the colours have bled, but not to worry, it was an experiment. Easy way to make an abstract art picture. It might work better with paint, and a closer woven fabric. 
I forgot to mention this, I bought a bag full of very small black safety pins from the Scrapstore, must be about a thousand. Something told me to buy it. I immediately thought a picture, there is a picture in there somewhere. All I have to do is find the picture, and use the pins to make it.

I made this video this morning, faffed about trying to get the angle right, the lighting wasn't right, move everything around. I made it once, too long, I waffled too much. Try again. So here we are, part two, how to fill the centre of the wrapped ring.

Now you can have fun making them.

My friend isn't coming next week, he wants to wait until the weather is a bit better, as it is supposed to be very cold and snowy for the whole of next week. I think it's best, he wants to do some walking while he is here, so better to wait for the weather to improve.

I am walking Bailey in the morning, Ken the regular walker has Fridays off, and Brenda is away on holiday, so I fill in for them. Garcia went to the vet this afternoon, he is not walking very well due to the lump on his shoulder. I don't know what the outcome is, I will have to wait to see if he arrives tomorrow morning at the back door. He is 19 years old, I hope he has got a bit longer.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. I'm sorry about Garcia-he loves spending time with you.Hope he visits you tomorrow x

  2. Oh,I hope that Garcia is ok...I love reading about his days with you and Mayze and Heidi!.Just hope that he is sitting waiting for his love from you tomorrow,Debi,xx

  3. Oh my word - what a transformation- I couldn’t see what it was or what you could do with the freestyle yesterday that’s why the verdict was out - but look at that - so bright and interesting- I think you should perfect these sewn colourings they’re great.
    AND bonus ! the middle of the rings video I’ve been watching for this - thank you .

  4. I hope Garcia is ok. Natalie

  5. Those Dorset Buttons are great fun. I made a couple of brooches for friends recently in the form of a little bunch of flowers - the flowers being French knots.

  6. I hate to say this, but one option for all budding crafters, is to make Christmas tree decorations. Last for yonks and nice and jazzy. Sorry about that - the 'C' word. Amanda

  7. I'm excited to see what you'll do with the black safety pins. Best wishes for Garcia.

  8. Thank you Ilona for the video. I have had a go and, although not perfect,I am pleased with it. Off to make some more now! Jane

  9. Thanks for the 2nd video - gave me some inspiration. Loved your colouring in with felt tips and I think the bleeding of the colours added to the overall effect. Have a happy creative weekend :)


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