Friday, 23 February 2018

What's happening at Tightwad Towers

Hello. This is a copy and paste from my Frugal February diary yesterday on Down the Lane.

Oh my word, I spent £203.34 today. It had to be done. I could have possibly cut it down a bit, I bought extra things because a friend was coming to visit next week, and now he isn't because it might be bad weather. I could have managed a bit longer with my broken toilet seat, but now I have a new one to sit on. I needn't have bought a box of tea bags, because I don't drink it, they will keep until he does eventually come. I bought a couple of bottles of wine for us to share, spose I could drink it myself, or save it. 

A big cost is my nuts, I eat them every day for breakfast. £1.29 a bag for cashews and walnuts. Then the cats food, Heidi likes Sheba. I also needed some sugar and coffee. I bought a box of Bakers meaty chunks, I always have a few in my pocket for my doggy friends who I meet as I walk around the village. 
I paid my car tax today, £135, there's no getting out of that one. Not very frugal today, but I wanted to be ready for my visitor, who is now not coming. I won't be spending tomorrow. 

Just to explain, I have a broken toilet seat in the bathroom, the hinge, not the actual seat. At last I have got round to buying a new fixer kit. The existing seat is fine, a very nice one, I want to keep it, but I am rubbish at getting things repaired. so now I can. I also bought a new seat for the downstairs loo, the one on at the moment is cheap and rubbish, it keeps moving about because the hinges keep coming loose. That has to go, so now I have a new red one to put on. 

Notice I bought some tea bags in readiness for my friend visiting, they might be in the cupboard for a while, at least until the weather gets better. It's not good for travelling at the moment. I have opened the wine tonight, so I will buy another one when I know he is coming for definite. 

I haven't spent anything today, there's enough food in the fridge to last a while. I did a Bailey walk this morning, and my own walk this afternoon. 

Other news, I have decided to sell my cross trainer, I haven't used it for a while, so there is no point in it taking up space in the corner of the living room. I get enough exercise walking outside, and I am doing more arts and crafts now which takes up a lot of my time. Someone is interested in it. 

Garcia came as usual this morning, I was so pleased to see him. I spoke to his owner, the news is that he has a malignant tumour in his shoulder and the vet can't say for sure how long he has left. Could be weeks, could be months. Poor boy, but at 19 he has had a good life with two homes. He has been trotting backwards and forwards for a long time, always appearing at my back door, and worn a path through the back lawn. 

It's the Embroiderers Guild meeting tomorrow, I shall go and pay my fee to join. There is a speaker, looking forward to it.

Thanks for popping in, have a nice weekend, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. Please tell Garcia that we love him Ilona xx

  2. Hope your bottom is a happy one! Xox

  3. Oh poor Garcia,I was hoping and praying that it would be good news.At least he still has a while left to enjoy his life,getting fussed and pottering about.Wow,that was a heavy on the purse day for you.Still,if its got to be done and like you say you have got plenty in to last you.I find that sometimes weeks like this crop up...but its leading a frugal life that gets us through it.Yesterday,I splashed out £5.50 on a new to me purple velvet jacket!,Which,i didnt need but i fell in love with it and know that i will get plenty of wear out of it for many years to come.I spent a lovely afternoon,walking round a local village with my friend Flis,who brought me a lovely gift!!It was a makeup bag with a cat on it,her knowing that i have got cats!,How thoughtful is that!!.We also managed to get a few yellow sticker bargains!,Hope everyone has a great weekend,Debi,xx

  4. Oh, that's sad about Garcia but what a great life he is having right now.
    Sorry that you had the disappointment of your friend not being able to come, especially as you were all ready for him. Hope he can come soon. JanF

  5. Yes, send love to Garcia from me, too. Our animals are our children.
    I would love to be able to join the Embroider’s Guild! That is a favorite website of mine. I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun!

  6. spend now/spend later, all adds up to the same.

    Sort of glad you are joining the Embroiderers Guild...Will look forward to news / new projects you bring from there.

  7. I’m a member of a my local Embroiderers Guild. I won’t tell you what I call them. Natalie

  8. Oh just read about Garcia. Big kisses to the little fella. Natalie

  9. Those little jobs do add up..
    Enjoy the Guild evening..good to share ideas

  10. Love your blog and terribly sorry to hear about poor Garcia -- hope he does not have too much discomfort to bear. I am on the same page as you fixing toilets only I had two three year old toilets start to run constantly. I can see my daily water consumption on line and was processing 200-250 gallons per day when the norm for me never tops 50 -- I live alone. I was hesitant to call a plumber and instead went to Utube where I found an appropriate repair demo. Did the repair myself and saved quite a bit of money. There is some great help on utube. Your needlework and art projects are amazing and I enjoy the videos of your trips -- thanks a million.

  11. Poor Garcia, it's sad that animals get cancer just as we humans do. Glad you have a taker for your cross trainer, Ilona. I would like a treadmill so I can fit in walking at home whilst the tv is on etc., but they're not really on in a flat due to the vibration and noise, plus the room they take up.


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