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Monday, 26 February 2018

Simple solution

Hello. We're still waiting for the snow here in North Lincs, has anyone seen it? Is it coming our way? Not that I want it, I just wondered, after all the scaremongering headlines saying the whole country is going to come to a standstill and people won't be able to get to work or school. Perhaps it will be white outside when I wake up in the morning. 
Yesterday it was sunny, Garcia was snoozing on the warm window sill. 
I managed to get out into the garden for a couple of hours, though it was very cold. Do you remember this cast iron fountain thingy that someone gave me before he threw it out. It's been lying around on the ground because it's blooming heavy. I looked for somewhere to hang it. If I put a couple of screws into the garage door it would probably fall off. It needs somewhere a lot more sturdy and solid to take the weight.

I know, just the place. I have two washing line posts which are cemented into the ground, they have been there ever since the house was built over 60 years ago. They are never going to fall over. Then I looked for two pieces of wire to hang it with.

Found just the thing, sometimes it pays to keep things that might come in useful. I had a paste table that was collapsing, so I took it apart, kept some of the wood, and the metal rods that fix the legs in the open position. They had a bend in each end, so I bashed them with a lump hammer and made them into hooks. Bingo, there are two holes in the back of the fountain, and the other ends are hooked over the sticking out bits at the top of the post. A simple solution, clever eh! I'll get round to painting it when the weather improves.

This morning I sat and had my coffee looking out over the back garden, as I do, wondering if Garcia might come. Heidi sat looking out as well. It got to 7.45am and no sign of him. I had a look down the street and saw that their car had gone, they go to work at 7.30am, so it looks as if he had a day indoors today. Oh well, maybe he'll come tomorrow.

A few missing at Crafty Club this morning. The Village Hall is undergoing some refurbishment, they are fitting a new kitchen. As a temporary measure everyone has to take their own mugs, and drinks are made on a table in the room where we meet. No facilities to wash up unless you want to rinse it out in the ladies loo. I usually take a bottle of something, either juice or milk shake.

So what was for dinner tonight. I didn't intend to make a big pan full, I just kept adding stuff. It started off with half a packet of savoury rice. Then two chopped Brussels sprouts, an onion, chopped broccoli, two small potatoes cut up into small pieces. Half a carrot spiralized. A tin of red kidney beans, half a packet of potato and leek cupasoup, and some vegetable granules. Oh and also turmeric. Very tasty. No dishes to wash, I ate it straight out of the pan, not very ladylike, ha ha. Plenty left for tomorrow.

Just remembered this. I've had an email from someone who wants to receive emails when I write a new post, and is not sure how it works. She is getting the message saying, 'you do not have access to this service'. Is anyone getting email notifications, and can you say how you set it up? I haven't a clue. Thanks.

That's me done. Thanks for popping in. Two more days left till the end of the month, Walking Group get your boots on, if you are not snowed in. We'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. I spent a couple of hours in the garden yesterday too. It was absolutely gorgeous in the sunshine. Cold but really sunny and bright. We are also waiting for the snow and thankfully I won't need togo out if it does arrive. The shopping is done and the cupboards full.

  2. discovered that the Fitchett's were at the quilt show in Harrogate but didn't realise it was the same couple you blogged about.

  3. I take it you've not been engaged in any of the panic buying!

  4. (O)

    thats "leaving a pebble in the pond"...not sure what to say...but its nice to know that another blogger has visited :-)

  5. Your garden is lovely. I get the email notifications everyday saying that you have posted an item on your blog but I sign in with my google account which has my email address in the settings. I think when I chose to follow you it asked if I wanted email notifications. I think if you go through the settings you can turn on notifications.

  6. I woke up to it lightly snowing this lasted for half hour then stopped...then sunshine...then snow again!!.It carried on and off like this all morning,last lot of snow about lunchtime but then it stayed frost like on my decking.This is in Leicester.So tomorrow Im going to put my bikini and shorts on under my ski gear...just so i am ready for whatever happens,lol.Debi,xx

  7. It was beautiful here over the weekend. Today has been bitterly cold but nothing is happening snow wise. Some of these media reports are a bit comical, the Daily Mail was doing its best to claim there is a crisis, but the pictures they had showed about 1/2 a centimetre of snow! That's an ingenious idea for your water fountain thingy Ilona, I wish my hands were still strong so I could hammer at stuff. I hope Garcia visits tomorrow. I have fitted in more walking this month, it helps that the mornings and evenings are gradually getting lighter.

  8. Still waiting for the snow here in south Glos but there were a couple of flakes falling earlier today. Nothing much really and nothing settled. Very cold though.

  9. Hi Ilona. I'm envious of your tasty looking meals. Do you cook on a stove, or do you use a microwave? I'm limited to the latter, and must keep things simple as I have zero cooking talent. I like the idea of mashing everything together for a meal, but am not sure if a microwave would cook each ingredient thoroughly enough. I even read that microwaving chicken is unsafe, as the temperature doesn't get high enough to kill all the bacteria. Suggestions? Keep up the good work. Vera in Sheboygan

  10. Your garden is lovely. I get the email notifications everyday saying that you have posted an item on your blog but I sign in with my google account which has my email address in the settings. I think when I chose to follow you it asked if I wanted email notifications. I think if you go through the settings you can turn on notifications.

  11. We had none on the north edge of County Durham yesterday, different story now. Woke up to about four inches and more coming down. Glad I went food shopping yesterday.

  12. For a second I thought the photo was of my baby boy Mr Fancypants. Garcia is a dead ringer for my kitty cat.

    1. As he is for our beloved kitty, Audrey. It cracks me up how cats will sleep on just about anything as long as it's in the sun ...

  13. Morning everyone!,Well,the snow came down heavy in Leicester during the night but it still isnt really thick on the ground.But thick enough for me not to want to go out in it!.I hope that Garcia has visited you today...but maybe they are keeping him in due to the weather forecast? Thats a lovely photo of him on your window ledge,and the one of Heidi looking out the window..Well no spending again today...only £2 spent since last Thursday and that was on apples and oranges from the market on Saturday.I learnt a new word yesterday from one of the in,if its in the fridge thats what we are having for dinner today!.So Iffits will be our main meal today!,Stay safe all if its snowing where you are,Debi,xx

  14. Recently I've not wanted to spend much time in the kitchen as it's so cold in there.I've put stuff in the pot & hoped for the best & it's been fine.I have thrown in those cheap curry noodles( without the sachet )too.Garcia looks very relaxed x

  15. I've taken to calling those tv weathermen the weather terrorists. They speak in capital letters and every little thing is dire! It makes it hard to weed out when you should be worried and a bit more careful from just ordinary days.
    Joan in Michigan (sun's shining and the temp is 56 degrees fahrenheit today; snow expected for the weekend)

  16. Ilona, you have a space on your page that says follow by email. You just put it in there. That's what I did and I receive an email with a link to your new post each time.


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