Sunday, 25 February 2018

Greta and Mike Fitchett. Textile artists

Hello. It's a sunny morning here in North Lincolnshire, I think we should be bracing ourselves for the storm which is heading our way. If you listen to the weather forecast we all ought to be panic buying and stock piling our food. I take each day as it comes, no panic here. What will be will be, I will not starve. 
Yesterday was the Embroiderers Guild meeting, and the guest speaker was Greta Fitchett, a renowned and very talented quilter and textile artist. Right up my street, her talk was very enlightening, and her work was beautiful. 
Greta's husband Mike, accompanied her. They sometimes work as a team, Mike sketching in his book as they travel the world looking for inspiration. Greta also makes her own sketches, her book always close at hand, along with her camera. Can you spot the deliberate mistake in this photo? I didn't notice at the time, but the quilt is upside-down. Oooops.  
Greta talked us through the backgrounds of her quilts, where she found the inspiration, and why she chose a particular subject.

She is drawn towards tall glass buildings, and finds reflections fascinating. This is part of a large quilt inspired by Tokyo skyscrapers.

It's a pity I couldn't get all of this one on the picture, above the foliage is a wonderful landscape.

The reflections in the water of this Japanese garden were just perfect.

Greta does a mix of free motion machining, and hand embroidery.

I was quite surprised to see that on some of her quilts she leaves all the ends of the threads loose at the front. It adds an interesting dimension to her work. A tip that some quilters might like to try.

The quilts are all very large, some of them with the tiniest pieces. It must take an age to complete them.

Each one is different with it's own distinct style.

Here is Mike holding out a section of his concertina sketch book. He aims to fill one of these on every trip.

After the presentation, the quilts were laid out for closer inspection, and they were happy to answer any questions we had. I really enjoyed this, meeting the artist is much better than just viewing work at the shows.

There is a web site you can check out. Heatherleadesign.
Greta is on Facebook.
Greta has more pictures of her quilts on Flickr.
There are links to Mike's work on the web site also.

Garcia is sunning himself on the window sill. He didn't come yesterday, he stayed at home. But he is back today. Little sweetheart.

Thanks for popping in, enjoy your Sunday. We'll catch up soon.
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  1. Interesting to see what happened at your EG meetings. Yesterday at mine, we had the Chair from Herts group come to visit us. I love seeing other folks’ work. I shall defo look up this lady’s work - thanks for providing the links etc. Natalie

  2. I love this! I taught myself to embroider when I was very young so it’s close to my heart. I taught myself to quilt when my children were small. Gorgeous work! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Glad you enjoyed your day there.Beautiful quilts!!,Debi,xx

  4. I love the Japanese garden one & so pleased that Garcia has been to visit you x

  5. I'd say you were pleased to see Garcia after his no-show.

    Those quilts are amazing; the one with colourful flowers reminds me of your style. Lovely. Karen

  6. Beautiful.

    Do you know if she handstitches each piece in/down, or does she use a sewing machine.

    Wonder if her quilts are strictly "art", or if any get used to cover up?

    Thank you for showing us.

    1. She machines and hand sews. I didn't ask her if they are used on a bed, but she says she stores them all in the loft. She has won lots of prizes with them so I imagine they are for show only.

    2. Meanqueen...thank you. If per chance you find out more, it would be interesting to hear.

      They are very beautiful. Am not surprised she has won many prizes.

      Maybe she should consider making one for a) the new Royal baby or b) the new Royal Wedding. It would be a kick (I think) to know one's artwork was enjoyed by someone in the Royal Family. Who knows, maybe she would even get a "by appointment to the Royal Family" designation...(of course not everyone is keen on this sort of thing)

  7. oh they are lovely! beautiful bright colours - can't wait till I have more time to quilt and sew again.

  8. Those quilts are amazing and I love the bright colours and modern designs. My stepmom is a quilter and my bedroom colours are built around a quilt she made for me a few years ago. Very talented people!

  9. The quilts are breathtaking! I can only imagine they are even more so in person. Thanks for sharing with us.

  10. Such inspiring work. They look great in your pictures but I expect they were even more impressive in real life. Beautiful, thanks for sharing.
    Jacquie x

  11. Very beautiful work, what clever people.

  12. As a quilter this post is a real treat, absolutely wonderful work. Bright modern original work, thank you so much for showing it and the site was well worth a visit too.


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