Thursday, 21 June 2018

Countdown to Open Gardens.

Hello. It's starting to come together. David is installed in his new position, among the flowers. The pots have been moved around, the straggly plants have been trimmed and the tall ones have cane supports. I just have to fill the gaps now with plastic flowers. 
Leo looks lovely with his flower arrangement.

One more day left to add the finishing touches tomorrow. The lawns will be mowed. A few weeds will be pulled up. I won't be putting my artworks in the summer house until Sunday morning.

That's all for now. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. Hope the tour is a big success and that the weather cooperates after all your hard work!

  2. The weather is looking great for the weekend,so it should be a lovely day.I wish that I lived nearer,cause I would have love to have seen it all in real life.Nothing like this ever happens where I live.Im off to Brighton at the weekend,so I will miss the blogs until I get back on Tuesday night.Good luck!!,xx

  3. Have a lovely day - I’m sure David will be a big hit !

  4. It's lovely and colourful - have a great weekend :)

  5. Hi Ilona, with so much energy you have really created a lot of artistic interesting and nice things, I wish you a great weekend with lots of nice visitors, lovely good weather and a lot of fun. We have these open garden days in Belgium,too and I always enjoy them. have a nice day....

  6. Have a wonderful weekend with lots of fun, you have worked hard. hugs, lj

  7. Hope you do a video of the open gardens! I am looking forward to seeing the complete tour!
    Thanks, Gail :)


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