Wednesday, 6 June 2018

The missing picture, and a box of bits.

Hello. Well blow me down, I've found the missing picture. Raymond emailed his walking photo and I think I mislaid it, and here it is. Found. I went through the list of emails several times, saving the photo's and writing notes on who sent them, and somehow this one was missed. I thought it hadn't arrived at all, and suddenly, there it was.  Looking down from Welton, the River Humber and North Lincolnshire. I know it well. So, if you send me your postal address Raymond I will send you one of my exclusive designer shopping bags, to make up for losing your photo. 
I went out for my usual three mile walk yesterday afternoon and I got home three hours later. How the heck did that happen you may ask. It was a lovely sunny day and I seemed to bump into several people that I know, and inevitably I stopped for a chat, lots of chats actually. Isn't that what life is all about. 
I pass a bungalow that has been under renovation for the last year, the man buys properties, does them up and then sells them. I have had lots of useful bits and pieces from him, things that he has thrown out, he is happy to pass things on. He was there yesterday, I asked him if his project was nearing completion and he showed me around. Only the new shower to fit, and he has a viewing, someone wants to buy it. The bungalow should have been ready a few months ago but there was a delay, he fell out of the loft and broke his back. Three months in a full body cast, how awful. But, he has made a recovery and as soon as he has finished this one, there is a new house to start on. 
I eyed up the pile of rubbish he was throwing out and noticed this metal box, he said he didn't want it. I think it's lovely, will look good with a clean up, and maybe a coat of paint. 
Look what's inside, looks like a load of junk but I will sift through it and keep any useful bits and bobs. I went back later in my car to pick it up.

I was almost back home when I thought I would pop in and say hello to Angela. We sat sipping a cold drink in her garden, the sun was still hot. What a nice way to finish my three hour three mile walk, ha ha.

I've been getting on with a project for the garden which I started a few months ago. I can do most of it indoors, the weather has been a bit damp and murky today. It should be ready in a day or two.

Two parcels posted today to Croatia and the USA. Look out for them.

Dinner time, my tum is rumbling. Thanks for popping in. We'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. I am sure you will make a wonderful transformation of the box, and I am sure some of the contents will be very useful to you.

  2. I love the box Ilona! See how it looks when cleaned up and it maybe would look good without any paint on it?.I suppose it all depends on what your going to use it for,but its a great find!,xx

  3. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the box your ideas are always so inspiring! Sorry to disagree a little with Debi but I think a bit of colour would lift it!

  4. I love your life and the things you get up to. Your walk sounds lovely and the box was a brilliant find that should keep you going for hours. I’m sure it will come up lovely with whatever you decide to do with it.

  5. I see lots of useful things in that tin box. Wire connectors, electrical tape, screws, a drill bit etc. Great find!

  6. I love, love, love the box. Great find for storing treasures.
    Lucky you.


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