Friday, 13 July 2018

A day out at Patchings

Good morning Diary. I had a smashing day yesterday at Patchings Art, Craft, and Design Festival. It's on the outskirts of Nottingham a few miles from Arnold, on the north side. Angela came with me, we got there just after 11 and the car parks were filling up fast. There were about a dozen coaches as well, it looks like a popular event. I chose a midweek day because I thought the weekend would be even busier. We had plenty of room to visit all the stalls we were interested in, and the exhibitors had time to talk to us as we quizzed them for more information. 
We were given a programme and map when we went in so we could check on what we were most interested in. There is a full list of exhibitors so that will be useful for future reference. The site is set out with massive marquees, and a walk through the tarmac car park to the permanent arts and crafts buildings. 
Angela likes her gardening so the Bonsai exhibition drew her attention, I am also fascinated by the way the small bushes are trimmed and fashioned to look like miniature trees. 
Some of these are 40 - 60 years old. It has been a family business for a long time.

We sat and listened to his 40 minute presentation which has given Angela a desire to try it on one of her bushes when she gets home.

There were lots of different crafts to get a taste of, these fused glass pendants were lovely.

And so were these pictures on the same stall.

Plenty of room to walk around.

There is Angela getting all the info on repairing a chair.

I wandered around the corner while she was talking. Don't know what this is about but I liked the colours.

One stall caught my eye, Sarah Turner Eco Art and Design. She transforms rubbish, plastic bottles and cans, into unique creations. She had some lovely pieces on display, some good ideas for my future projects.

Katherine Mary Hill makes handmade cushions out of recycled fabrics. Her work made a fabulous display and she was very chatty. In fact all the exhibitors had time to chat to us.

Sue Hawkmoon was there with her wet and needle felting. She is local to me, I have done one of her courses. It was nice to see her again.

We spent a lot of time laughing, Angela is a lot of fun, not at all shy, and ready to dive into any situation. She asks lots of questions which made the day a lot of fun. Before we set off back we finished our packups. There were people camping on the edge of the grassy car park and we wished we had taken tents and done the same. The sun was still shining, it would have been good to crack a bottle of wine before retiring to a tent. We will know next time.

We stopped on the way back for something to eat because we didn't want to cook when we got home. The Green Tree pub had a carvery, I had the veggie carvery which is everything else except the meat.

Anyway, I must go now. Breakfast time, Bailey poodle to walk at 9, a few Parish Newsletters left to deliver, and I want to go to town this afternoon. There is a Grayson Perry exhibition on at the 20 21 Arts Centre. Always something to do. Toodle pip