Friday, 13 July 2018

Poundworld is closing down.

I couldn't resist a look in Poundworld today, as I was in town for the bank. The store is closing down and they have been gradually lowering their prices as they run down their stock. Most of it started at 20% off, now it is 50 and 70% off. I wonder how long it will be before everything is reduced to 10p. 
Up and down the aisles I went, I thought if there is anything I want maybe now is the time to get it. Who knows how much longer the store will be open. I chose a few items which I thought my come in useful for crafting projects. You can't have too much sellotape, three rolls with the dispenser, 50p. Foam stickers, and strips of diamante crystals, pink and gold which can be stitched onto anything. Tiny framed canvases, and some green Easter Grass. I thought this could be incorporated into a landscape picture either by machine stitching or gluing it on. 
I shall keep my eye on Poundworld, just in case they reduce things further. Bye for now.