Monday, 30 July 2018

Phew....Done it.

There is a new page listed at the top under the header, My arts and crafts page, it's a place for my arty crafty photo's. The pictures for the exhibition are there. My head is buzzin, I need to get off this computer and have a break. Catch up whenever. ilona


  1. Your artworks look fabulous all together.

  2. Crumbs Ilona, that must be a lifetime's work, and I still recall some that are missing! My favourites are pictures two and three, the floral ones, and also the vibrant felted poppies. I love the bag made from the judo belts, and the scouring pad Christmas tree looked a treat, it made me smile. Do you have any particular favourites?

  3. Lovely addition as your blog moves in a new direction - lovely to be able to share it all xx

  4. I just read your life story and I am so amazed at your look on life. I wish everyone in the world could take your advise. It is so wonderful and made my heart just swell! I have followed your blog for some time and just got around to reading your story. Way to go!!!! Also your artwork is wonderful! I Am so amazed at your creativity. I am going to try very hard to follow your path. thanks

  5. I absolutely love your new page! Your artworks are amazing, particularly the floral ones. No 2 is my favourite.

  6. Your art work page is lovely it was so nice to see it all there in on anyplace. I hope you do well I wish I could to see the exhibition, but I will think about you.

    Have a nice day.
    Hazel c uk


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